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Olivia Cavallaro

Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine

Catholic University Sued For Denying Students’ Request For Religious Exemptions To Vaccines


Four students in Omaha, Nebraska have filed a lawsuit against a university for mandating vaccines and refusing to grant religious exemptions.READ MORE

Alveda King

Alveda King Launches New Group Promoting Pro-Life Curriculums In US Schools


Martin Luther King Jr.'s niece has launched a new pro-life organization to advocate for pro-life curriculums for Sunday schools and after-school clubs.READ MORE

flag of India

India’s Uttar Pradesh State Now COVID-Free, Recovery Rate Up 98.6% Because Of Ivermectin


Thirty-three districts in an Indian state have won against COVID thanks to Ivermectin.READ MORE

Turkey refugee camps

Turkey Using Refugees To Leverage EU, Report Says


Turkey had opened its doors to refugees in the hopes of using them as leverage against the European Union.READ MORE

Israeli Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz speaking with Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked

Vaccine Passports Don’t Have ‘Epidemiological Justification’, Just An Excuse To Pressure People To Get Jabbed: Israeli Health Minister


An Israeli health official has been caught talking about the government's true purpose for vaccine passports, which has nothing to do with science at all.READ MORE


More New Zealanders Reportedly Died Of COVID Vaccines Than The Infection Itself: Report


A commentator has sounded the alarm on how many more people died after getting vaccinated against COVID versus those who died from the virus itself in New Zealand.READ MORE

Hudson City Mayor Craig Shubert

Mayor Threatens School Board With ‘Child Pornography’ Charges Unless They Resign For Showing Porn To Students


An Ohio mayor called upon the entire school board to resign after finding racy and lewd school course material that a judge described as "child pornography."READ MORE

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck Says Audience Helped Rescue ‘Well Over 5,000’ Lives From Afghanistan, But Thousands Still Left


The conservative commentator gave an emotional update on his charitable organization's evacuation efforts in Afghanistan following the pullout of U.S. troops in August.READ MORE

Keziah Hofmann

New Book Teaching Kids The Importance Of Life And Dangers Of Abortion Coming Soon


A young Christian woman is raising her voice in response to pro-choice advocates who are teaching young minds about abortion, and is working on teaching kinds about the sanctity of life.READ MORE


Thousands Of People From Christian-Majority Chin State Forced To Flee Amid Fights Between Myanmar Army, Resistance


Thousands of residents were forced to evacuate Myanmar's Chin State, where a fight between military and local militant groups has escalated in recent days.READ MORE

the divisive narrative  separates even the best of friends

Study Finds Vaccination Narrative Has Divided Friends From Each Other


A new poll showed that COVID has not only physically separated people, but also caused friendships and relationships to disintegrate over differing opinions when it comes to vaccines.READ MORE

man surprised and in shock as to what he heard, seen, or discovered

North Carolina Doctors Want To Inflate COVID Numbers To Manipulate People Into Getting Vaccinated


A North Carolina hospital's marketing team pondered on ways to make COVID case numbers scary enough to entice people to get vaccinated.READ MORE

‘Zero Reason to Panic’ about President Trump, says White House Coronavirus Adviser

China, Russia Could Already Be Reverse-Engineering American Apache Helicopters Acquired By Taliban, Trump Says


The former POTUS warned that most military equipment and vehicles acquired by the Taliban may be sent to U.S. adversaries to be reverse engineered and used against America.READ MORE

Facebook Zucked

Facebook Has A Special ‘Invisible Elite Tier’ Where VIPs Are Allowed To Break Its Rules: Report


The social media giant reportedly has a playground for high profile users to bypass the platform's rules and moderation process.READ MORE

fighter preparing to get in the ring

Former Special Forces Buff Becomes Transgender MMA Fighter, Beats Biological Female Opponent


A biologically born male who later served in the Army Special Forces but now identifies and competes as a woman MMA fighter won in a debut fight with a biologically born female.READ MORE

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