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Olivia Cavallaro

Dominique De Silva

30-Year-Old Woman Suffering From Serious Vaccine Injuries Reveals How Doctors Don’t Take Her Seriously


A young woman has resorted to creating a fundraiser to help with her piling hospital bills after she experienced neurological complications after getting the Pfizer COVID vaccine.READ MORE

Anthony Fauci

Twitter Doing Its Best To Cover Up Fauci’s Lies After Report Exposes His Involvement In Creation Of COVID-19


The Big Tech giant is doing its part to downplay Dr. Anthony Fauci's involvement in the funding of coronavirus research in China.READ MORE

Joe Biden

White House Hints At Measures Discriminating Against People Unvaccinated For COVID-19


The White House Press Secretary hinted at major changes to the COVID-19 response, which will also involve certain mandates based on a person's vaccination status.READ MORE

Afghanistan Taliban occupation

Wisconsin Military Base Discovers Measles Case Brought Into U.S. By Afghan Refugees


A case of measles has been detected in a Wisconsin military base where thousands if not hundreds of Afghan migrants are being processed for entry to the U.S. following the withdrawal of Western troops from Afghanistan.READ MORE

jailed man holding chain link fence with hands.

Australian Government Says Unvaccinated People Will Be "Locked Out" Of The Economy


An Australian leader has expressed his desire to prevent unvaccinated people from living normal, pre-pandemic lives - like how the Bible describes an economic system in Rev. 13:16-17.READ MORE

Chinese President Xi Jinping

China's CCP Forces Christians To Pray For Dead Communist Soldiers Or Be Persecuted


The Chinese government has mandated Christians to support communist agenda by praying for the fallen CCP soldiers while banning commemorations for soldiers of other faith, particularly Christian martyrs.READ MORE

abortion pill

Satanists Say New Texas Abortion Law Is A Violation Of Their Religious Rights


A Salem-based Satanist group decried the Texas Heartbeat Act and is claiming religious exemption for its memebrs to gain access to abortions in the state.READ MORE

Anthony Fauci

More Than 900 Pages Of Documents Prove Fauci Lied About Virus Gain-Of-Function Research In Wuhan


Critics are blasting Dr. Anthony Fauci anew following the release of documents that contradict his claims that the NIH did not fund Chinese gain-of-function research of deadly viruses.READ MORE

statue of Christopher Columbus

'Woke' Mexico City Mayor Orders Columbus Statue to Be Replaced With Indigenous Woman


One of the most popular boulevards in Mexico City is saying goodbye to its most famous landmark: a Christopher Columbus monument that will be replaced with a statue of an Indigenous woman.READ MORE

Human life

Texas Catholic Bishops Celebrate Victory with Supreme Court's Decision Not to Block Heartbeat Act


A coalition of Catholic bishops in Texas praised the Supreme Court for rejecting abortion providers' pleas to block the state's Heartbeat Act, which recently took effect.READ MORE


More Church Leaders Oppose Vaccine Mandate In Petition Addressed To Australia PM Scott Morrison


More than 2,000 church leaders in Australia have signed a petition urging the government not to implement vaccine passports and other related mandates.READ MORE

gender confusion

UK Whistleblower Exposing Child Mistreatment From Gender Dysphoria Awarded Over $27,000 in Damages


A woman who sounded the alarm on the risks children face from gender dysphoria treatments has won a tribunal case in the U.K.READ MORE

Most Americans believe social media companies censor political viewpoints

Big Tech Allows Mainstream Media To Spread Falsified Story About Ivermectin Overdoses In Oklahoma ERs While Censoring Facts


Left wing media personalities were quick to jump on a falsified story about Ivermectin overdoses in Oklahoma, but Big Tech failed to censor their misinformation.READ MORE

Passengers boarding a U.S. Air Force C-17 Globemaster III during the Afghanistan evacuation, Aug. 24, 2021.

"Vulnerable" Afghans Migrating To U.S. Actually Did Nothing To Help Western Efforts In Afghanistan


A large number of Afghan migrants who made it out of Afghanistan and into the U.S. could not prove that they were allies or had significantly contributed to Western efforts in the war-stricken country.READ MORE

administering a vaccine

FDA Approval of COVID Vaccines Won't Change The Minds Of Most Unvaccinated Americans: Survey


A large portion of unvaccinated people in the United States still refuse to get the jab despite the FDA's full approval of the experimental drug.READ MORE

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