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Olivia Cavallaro

Early Rain Covenant Church

Early Rain Covenant Church Members Given Eviction Orders By Chinese Authorities


Chengdu authorities have issued eviction orders to a group that operates under the Early Rain Covenant Church as part of its crackdown on religious minorities.READ MORE

Afghanistan Taliban occupation

Male Afghan Refugees Arrived In US With Children As Their ‘Wives’, Report Reveals


A U.S. State Department internal document obtained by the press revealed cases of male Afghan refugees in America presenting girls as their "brides," raising questions about child trafficking and sexual abuse.READ MORE

Passengers boarding a U.S. Air Force C-17 Globemaster III during the Afghanistan evacuation, Aug. 24, 2021.

Taliban Holding Planes Carrying Americans And Afghan Refugees ‘Hostage’: Report


Up to four aircraft filled with Americans and U.S. allies are unable to depart Afghanistan because the Taliban are reportedly using them as leverage for demands.READ MORE

Danny Gokey

Christian Singer Danny Gokey Opposes Vaccine Mandates, Warns 'Mark of the Beast' is Coming


The singer who is best known for being a third runner up in the singing competition “American Idol” is warning that vaccine mandates are "the mark of the beast."READ MORE

Nasria, a pregnant American woman stranded in Afghanistan

Pregnant California Woman Stranded In Afghanistan Says Taliban Are "Hunting Americans"


A California native who is with child is worried for her life in Afghanistan, where she claims the Taliban are looking for Americans who were left stranded in the country.READ MORE

The USCIRF report, "Organized Persecution – Documenting Religious Freedom Violations in North Korea"

North Korea ‘Brutally Effective’ In Wicked Campaign To Eradicate Christianity, USCIRF Report Reveals


A revelatory report shows how Christian persecution has increased in North Korea, and should be reason for believers to pray for the brethren in the communist country.READ MORE

Anti-abortion protest

Texas Abortion Clinic Kills 67 Babies In Mad Dash Hours Ahead Enactment Of Heartbeat Bill


A Fort Worth abortion clinic was packed with patients on Tuesday night, and was able to conduct dozens of abortions, just hours before Texas' new pro-life law took effect.READ MORE

COVID statistics shown on screen

CDC Survey Reveals COVID Lethality Rate Overstated, 80% Of Americans 16 Years And Older Now Have ‘Some Immunity’


In the U.S.' race to achieve herd immunity against COVID, a new CDC survey reveals that up to 80% of Americans now have "some immunity" against the virus. Mainstream media, however, still try to bury the news.READ MORE

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis

Domino Effect: Florida Looking To Create Pro-Life Laws Similar To Texas’ Newly-Enacted Heartbeat Bill


Another Republican state is looking to criminalize abortion by passing pro-life laws similar to the one enacted in Texas.READ MORE

California Gov. Newsom

California Pension System Has Almost $500M Worth of Investments in Blacklisted China State-owned Enterprises


The public pension system in California was revealed to have invested in up to 14 state-owned companies in China that were blacklisted by the Trump administration.READ MORE


FDA Knew What The COVID Vaccine’s Side Effects Were Before It Became Available, But Approved It Anyway


Despite approving COVID-19 vaccines for public use, an FDA presentation from October of 2020 reveals the agency was fully aware of the drugs' potentially harmful side effects, a report reveals.READ MORE

Passengers boarding a U.S. Air Force C-17 Globemaster III during the Afghanistan evacuation, Aug. 24, 2021.

Biden Administration Left Behind Hundreds Of State Department Journalists In Afghanistan: Report


Rescue operations to evacuate hundreds of American journalists out of Afghanistan have failed and the Biden administration is promising to ensure their "safe departure" from the Taliban-ruled country.READ MORE

Coronavirus Vaccination

Christian Female Athletes Score Win As Michigan Court Rules University Can’t Force Them To Get Vaccinated


A federal judge rejected a Michigan university's claim to force its students to get vaccinated against COVID, citing that it would violate the constitutional religious rights of Christian female athletes.READ MORE

Sunny Florida weather

‘Climate Emergency’? Environment Experts Debunk Narrative Weaponizing The Weather


An environmentalist provided reasons why the landmark United Nations report on climate change may be skewed when it said it's a "code red for humanity."READ MORE

Gabriel Gipe

Project Veritas Exposes Teacher Saying They’re Using School To Teach Kids Communist Propaganda


Project Veritas has caught a California high school teacher bragging about transforming his students into "revolutionaries" by teaching communist ideologies.READ MORE

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