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Olivia Cavallaro

One of the last planes to leave Kabul, Afghanistan before the bombings.

Two Dozen Sacramento School Children Unable To Leave Afghanistan Following US Departure


More than 20 California public school students were left stranded in Afghanistan after the U.S. troops concluded their withdrawal in time for the arbitrary August 31 deadline. READ MORE


Moderna Recalls COVID Vaccines From Japan After Stainless Steel Found Inside Vials


After announcing the suspension of the distribution of COVID vaccines due to concerns about contamination, Moderna and its Japanese partner Takeda Pharmaceutical are recalling the shots.READ MORE

Biden expects Islamic faith

Biden Has Launched A ‘Culture War Against Christianity’ And The Afghanistan Failure Shows It


Reports claim that the Biden administration is rejecting Christian Afghan refugees who wish to flee Afghanistan, which has fallen under Taliban rule.READ MORE

IAF - Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk

Video Shows Taliban ‘Patrolling’ Afghanistan Using US-Supplied Black Hawk – With A Man Hanging Underneath


A shocking video showing how a Taliban-operated U.S. Black Hawk aircraft "patrolling" Kandahar City earned over 2 million views since it was posted on Sunday.READ MORE

Joe Biden

Stranded Afghan Interpreter Who Helped Biden Escape Afghanistan in 2008 Pleads for President's Help


An Afghan ally to the U.S. who once helped three stranded American senators, including Joe Biden, leave Afghanistan is appealing to the White House to send him and his family help.READ MORE

Military Dog With Handler

London Police Unleash Attack Dog On People Protesting COVID Vaccine Mandates


Protests condemning vaccine mandates continue in various parts of London, where police unleashed attack dogs to subdue crowds.READ MORE


Taliban Carrying Out House To House Executions Following U.S. Exit


Ground reports in Afghanistan reveal gunshots, while a senior U.S. official confirmed executions by the Taliban following the withdrawal of U.S. troops.READ MORE

Christian teacher Byron "Tanner" Cross

Christian Teacher Suspended For Refusing To Budge On Biblical Stance On Sexuality Scores Major Supreme Court Win


The Supreme Court ruled in favor of a Christian teacher and his reinstatement after the Virginia school board suspended him for refusing to acnowlege the schools' transgender policies. READ MORE


Christians In Afghanistan Are Now Being Killed By Taliban, Religious Freedom Expert Reveals


Religious freedom experts are sounding the alarm on how the Taliban are already slaughtering Christians following the exit of U.S. troops from Afghanistan.READ MORE

vaccine vials

Japan Suspends Moderna Vax Following Reports Of Contamination With Materials Reacting To Magnets


The Japanese government on August 26 decided to suspend the use of more than 1.6 million COVID vaccines after "foreign materials" were found in 39 Moderna vials or 390 doses.READ MORE

man-made COVID-19 virus pandemic from Wuhan, China

Japanese Expert Recommended The Use Of This Cheap Treatment Against COVID Months Ago Because It Works


A chairman of a Japanese medical association is recommending the use of ivermectin in treating mild to moderate cases of COVID.READ MORE

Hamas rioters at Gaza

Violence Erupts In Gaza As Hamas ‘Masterminds’ Chaos Against Israel: Reports


Palestinians protested along the border of Gaza and Israel for the second night on Sunday, escalating tensions between the two countries for the first time again since the exchange of air strikes in May.READ MORE

Lt. Gen H.R. McMaster

Afghanistan To Become ‘New Epicenter Of Jihadist Terrorism’, Retired Army Lieutenant General Says


A former Army official under the Trump administration warns that Afghanistan will be the new center of Jihadist terrorism following the Afghan government's decimation and Taliban takeover.READ MORE

U.S. Army Bagram rehearsal, May 15, 2009

Trump Counterterrorism Official Criticizes Biden's 'Missteps' In Afghanistan Exit


A former counterterrorism ambassador under the Trump administration said that Biden should not have withdrawn troops from one particular U.S. base in Afghanistan.READ MORE

closed door China

Not Just Bibles: CCP Has English Textbooks Wiped Off China's Bookstores As Well


The communist state is eradicating all forms of English teaching for children in China, replacing it with "Xi Jinping Thought."READ MORE

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