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Jeffrey McCall

Ex-LGBT Shares Personal Story of Freedom In God After Netflix’s ‘Pray Away’ Hides It


A man who formerly identified as a transgender woman is sharing his story, which he claims was used for another kind of narrative for the Netflix documentary "Pray Away."READ MORE

CCTV installed on the streets of China

CCP Paying Chinese Citizens To Spy And Snitch On Christians


Citizens in China's Heilongjiang Province will be rewarded over a hundred dollars for any information on neighbors engaging in "illegal religious activities."READ MORE


Taliban Now ‘Hunting Down’ Afghans Who Worked With The US And The West


After capturing Kabul on Sunday, the Taliban are now seeking out those who are on their "blacklist" to punish them according to Islamic Shariah law.READ MORE

Afghanistan Taliban occupation

Glenn Beck’s Audience Raises Over $20 Million In 2 Days To Rescue Christians From Afghanistan


Glenn Beck called and his followers answered: raising over $22 million dollars to help fund the rescue of Christians stranded in Afghanistan.READ MORE

Former President Donald J. Trump holding newspaper saying he's acquitted

FBI Clears President Trump And His Supporters Over January 6 Capitol Riots Because There’s No Evidence Of Their Involvement


The investigative bureau failed to find enough evidence to prove that the January 6 Capitol riots were organized or coordinated by far-right Trump-supporting groups.READ MORE

Carrie Underwood and CeCe Winans

Carrie Underwood Under Attack From Cancel Mob For Liking Post Criticizing Mask Mandates For Children


The American Idol champion and country music star was the subject of angry social media users after she liked a tweet from Matt Walsh speaking out on mask mandates for kids.READ MORE

ultrasound showing a baby inside a mother's womb

Texas Ban On Abortion By Dismemberment Upheld By Court, Says It’s ‘Self-Evidently Gruesome’


Pro-life advocates in Texas were given a victory when the court decided to uphold a law that prohibits an abortion method used to end second-trimester pregnancies. READ MORE

President Trump's Twitter account

Twitter Blasted For Banning Trump While Allowing Taliban On Platform


The Big Tech giant is under fire for allowing Taliban members to maintain their profiles while the former Republican president remains banned from the platform for life.READ MORE

President Donald J. Trump

Former President Trump Blasts Biden For The ’Greatest Embarrassment’ America Experienced In History


Donald Trump and his allies has been making the rounds to denounce President Biden's disastrous handling of the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan, which the former Republican leader started through a deal back in February 2020.READ MORE

ANA vehicle training saves Afghan lives

Taliban Acquires US Military Weaponry And Equipment Following Biden Administration’s Decision To Abruptly Leave Afghanistan


Billions of dollars worth of defense equipment and weaponry have fallen into the hands of the Taliban following its swift capture of Kabul in Afghanistan.READ MORE

woman female inside prison cell standing beside gates

Chinese Detainee Reveals China Has Secret Jails For Uyghurs In Dubai


Evidence of illegal Uyghur prisons outside of China has come to light from a young Chinese woman's testimony of how she spent time in an off-shore facility.READ MORE

man-made COVID-19 virus pandemic from Wuhan, China

Chinese Researchers Jailed For Having COVID Reports Banned By The CCP


Two Chinese researchers were taken by CCP police in April 2020 for archiving COVID articles banned by the communist government.READ MORE

Russian flag

Despite Obvious Chaos, Russia Claims Taliban ‘Have Succeeded’ In ‘Restoring Order’ To Afghanistan


Following the fall of the Afghan government, Russia has been in talks with the Taliban, who they believe has restored "order" in Kabul.READ MORE

Down syndrome doesn't stop families from being happy

Coalition Files Lawsuit To Block Pro-Life Law From Saving Unborn Babies In Arizona


A group of medical practitioners and civil rights organizations in support of abortion teamed up to block an pro-life law in Arizona that would take effect in September.READ MORE

Abrien Aguirre

More Have Died From Jabs Than Actual COVID-19, Whistleblower Working In Oahu’s Largest Nursing Facility Reveals


Abrien Aguirre, a board certified occupational therapist from a Hawaiian nursing facility decried corruption and unreported deaths from the COVID jab.READ MORE

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