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Southeast Asian Nations Agree to Rescue Thousands of Migrants at Sea


Southeast Asian countries agreed to offer help to the thousands of migrants adrift on the Andaman Sea. Officials from 20 countries met in Bangkok, Thailand on Friday and announced plans to aid in search and rescue efforts for the “boat people” without homes.READ MORE

Putin Criticizes U.S. Department of Justice for Prosecuting FIFA Officials


Wednesday's indictments of top FIFA officials shook the international soccer community as the United States Department of Justice charged executives and senior officials with racketeering and money laundering. Vladimir Putin commented on the indictments on Wednesday night, criticizing the United States for acting outside its own territory.READ MORE

Lake Texoma Flooding

Storms Recede but Flood Dangers Rise in Parts of Texas


Thousands of residents in Texas and Oklahoma were forced to leave their homes in the past week to avoid floods. Though the storms have partially receded, the continuous rainfall swelled many rivers and continues to put homes and lives at risk.READ MORE

High Temperatures in India Kill Over 1,100


High temperatures in India have been unimpeded as more than 1,100 people died as a result of the heat. Officials announced on Wednesday the amount of victims from this month's heat. READ MORE

U.S. Department of Justice Indicts Key FIFA Members


Officials from FIFA have been arrested on charges of corruption. The United States Department of Justice arrested top FIFA officials as well as executives who have been involved in racketeering and frauds.READ MORE

Storms in Texas and Oklahoma Kill 10 While 30 More Remain Missing


Over the Memorial weekend, seemingly endless rain flooded parts of Texas and Oklahoma. The much needed rain solved much of the drought problem, but ended in at least 10 deaths and 30 missing people.READ MORE

Iraq Military Announces Operation to Take Back Ramadi from ISIS


On Tuesday, Iraq military forces and Shiite militia announced their operations to take back Anbar and Salaheddin provinces from the Islamic State. The announcement comes about a week after the fall of Ramadi to ISIS. READ MORE

Ireland Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage by Vote


Ireland legalized same-sex marriages by a popular vote, the final results of which were announced on Saturday. 62 percent voted in favor of legalizing same-sex marriages, while 38 percent voted against.READ MORE

Oil Spill on Coast of California of up to 105,000 Gallons of Crude Oil


On Wednesday, an oil pipeline ruptured and spilled potentially 105,000 gallons of crude oil onto the California coast. About 21,000 gallons of the oil have reached the Gaviota coastal waters in Santa Barbara, environmentalists are worried about the impact the spilled oil will have on the ecosystem.READ MORE

Camp of Diocletian in Palmyra

Islamic State Militants Capture City of Palmyra, Ruins at Risk


The Islamic State overtook the city of Palmyra in Syria on Thursday. Palmyra is home to ancient artifacts and historical structures. Many fear that the militants will loot and destroy the archeological treasures as they have done in the pastREAD MORE

Takata Recalls 33.8 Million Cars in the U.S. for Defective Airbags


The Takata corporation expanded its recall to 33.8 million cars in the U.S. The Japanese automobile airbag supplier agreed to recall after pressure from regulators, the U.S. Department of Transportation announced on Tuesday.READ MORE

Prison cell

Rights Group Publishes Report on Abuse of Inmates with Mental Illnesses in the US


The Human Rights Watch published a report last week detailing the excessive use of force on prisoners with mental illnesses. Jails and prisons across the United States have used unnecessary and excessive force on mentally ill prisoners, says the group.READ MORE

Thousands of Rohingya Left Stranded in Ocean with No Place to Go


Thousands of Rohingya migrants are stranded at sea as migrants are being pushed back by Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. For more than a week, the migrants have been abandoned on open boats with no food and water.READ MORE

170 Arrests Made After Violent Clash Between Motorcycle Gangs in Waco


About 170 individuals were arrested for charges of organized crime related to capital murder, officials announced on Monday. The arrests were made as a result of a violent clash between two motorcycle gangs in Waco, Texas. READ MORE

Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts Introduce New Policy that Extends Membership to Transgender Children; Conservative Groups Respond


The Girls Scouts of America have introduced a new policy accommodating transgender other youth that identify as girls. Conservative groups throughout the country responded to the situation, some with petitions to change the policy.READ MORE

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