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Peter Andrew Acierto

Bible and a microphone

‘Bible In A Year’ Podcast Takes Top Spot In Apple’s U.S. Podcasts List


Beating out news, commentary, and other mainstream podcasts, The "Bible in a Year" podcast has taken the top spot in Apple's All Podcast List to start the year.READ MORE

COVID Vaccine

China, Russia Targeting US Vaccine Supply Chains With Cyber Warfare: NCSC


Two foreign countries are targeting America's coronavirus vaccine supply chain, Chief William Evanina from the National Counterintelligence and Security Center (NCSC) revealed in an interview Tuesday.READ MORE

Trump staffer Dawson Buchanan

Cancel Culture: Former Trump Staffer Fired From New Job For Previously Working For The President


A former 2020 Trump campaign staffer posted on his Twitter account that he was removed from his new job because a client from the company had found out that he worked closely with the reelection efforts of President Trump.READ MORE

phone with various apps

Great News: Free Speech Network Parler Finds New Host After Amazon Takedown


After the platform was booted from Amazon's web hosting services, Parler, the social media alternative to Twitter, has found a web hosting refuge in internet solutions company, Epik, a report says.READ MORE

"Stop Abortion" sign

Pro-Life Leader Lila Rose Called A ‘Terrorist’ For Saying ‘Abortion Is Violence’


Pro-life leader Lila Rose, was accused by a notorious abortionist, Leah Torres, of being a domestic terrorist last week on Twitter. Torres is known for posting agitating posts on the social media site and stirring pro-lifers.READ MORE

Franklin Graham

Franklin Graham Calls Violent Capitol Protesters ‘Thugs’, Calls Impeachment ‘A Big Mistake’


In an interview, Rev. Franklin Graham said he believes that the "thugs" who have breached the Capitol building last Jan. 6 should be prosecuted. He also expressed his disapproval of calls for President Donald Trump's impeachment, calling it "a big mistake" to do such.READ MORE

American states during an election as shown on a screen

Biden Committee Hopes To ‘Unite’ America ‘To A Brighter Future’ – With Abortions And Anti-Religious Freedom Policies


Joe Biden's presidential campaign message, 'Americans United,' will also be the theme of his inauguration on the twentieth of January. This theme, however, seems to contradict what the Biden administration might work towards based on its policies and promises to the American people.READ MORE

Children Sitting on a Staircase

Study Reveals Rise In Children’s COVID-19 Hospitalization Rates In US


A study indicates that there has been an increase in the number of children hospitalized for COVID-19 in recent months.READ MORE

Twitter logo as seen on an iPhone

Twitter Acting Like A “Fascist” Company Working Under A Democratic Country, Rudy Giuliani Says


Social media company Twitter seems to operate like a fascist group censoring whatever it doesn't agree with, former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani says.READ MORE

Pastor Andre Miller, Sr.

Church Donates A Minivan To Family Of 7; Continues To Help Out Others


A Pastor found a way to help a struggling single mother of seven -- by asking for help in donating a minivan for their needs.READ MORE

Man treated by nurses in hospital

British Government Purchased Millions Worth Of PPEs From Chinese Firms Linked To Slave Labor


Reports reveal that the British Government purchased millions' worth of PPEs from Chinese companies that are associated with slave labor.READ MORE

Homeless man on street

Homeless Man Returns Wallet He Found; Receives Lots Of Support From Hundreds Of People


While looking for food in the dumpster so that he could eat, Sean Currey found something else that caught his attention. What he did with it resulted in making everyone happy - including him.READ MORE

COVID Count in China

Reported COVID Cases In Wuhan, China Were Significantly Lower Than Actual Count––Study Finds


A study found that China reported far less COVID cases than it actually had, a report revealsREAD MORE

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