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Sarah Mae Saliong

Pastor Artur Pawlowski and police

Canadian Pastor Says Judge ‘Basically’ Forcing Him To Lie And Abandon Rights, Convictions, Faith— All For COVID


Following many run-ins with the police for defying unlawful coronavirus regulations, a well-known Canadian preacher was ordered to lie and go against his convictions to state that "vaccinations are saving lives, that masks work, that doctors and scientists are all for the restrictions."READ MORE

Dr. Stella Immanuel MD

Brave Doctor Says COVID Was A Trojan Horse For 'Satanic' Vaccine Mandate Similar To Account In Book Of Revelation


Dr. Stella Immanuel of Houston's COVID-19 frontline medical team explained the vaccine mandate is "satanic" in nature, and that Bill Gates intends to depopulate the planet via the COVID pandemic and vaccination. READ MORE

If males are permitted to compete in women’s sports, it will be the end of women’s sports.

Texas Senate Passes Legislation Banning Transgender Youths From Female Sports


Texas senators voted on Friday, October 15, to bar transgender people from participating in female school athletics in order to protect the safety and interests of female students.READ MORE


17 Christian Missionaries From The US Kidnapped In Haiti


Seventeen American missionaries in Haiti, including children, were kidnapped by a gang on Saturday, reports say. The information comes from a voice message sent to several Christian missions by a person with firsthand knowledge of the incident.READ MORE

ultrasound showing a baby inside a mother's womb

Predominantly Black Arkansas Town Proclaims Itself A "Pro-Life City"


A town in Arkansas just approved a resolution to designate itself as a "Pro-Life City."READ MORE

Pastor Terrell Scott and wife Brandy

This Pastor’s Story Shows How God Can Save A Gang Leader And Use Him To Bring Christ To Others


Rev. Terrell Scott, pastor of Passion-Life Church in McDonough, Georgia, talks about how God transformed him from a gang leader to a preacher through the power of the gospel.READ MORE


Here's What Facebook's Pharma-Funded Fact-Checkers Can't Flag As Fake News


A video that's now making the rounds online features Dr. Anthony Fauci and a slew of different headlines from corporate media that clearly show how the "vaccine efficacy" narrative has changed.READ MORE

American flag

Tennessee Governor Acknowledges God’s Sovereignty And Need For His Guidance In Prayer Proclamation


Earlier this week, Governor Bill Lee of Tennessee issued a proclamation acknowledging "God's sovereignty."READ MORE

pledge of loyalty to America and the American flag

America Facing A ‘Worldview Crisis’ As 94 Percent Of People Reject Biblical Teachings


Researcher George Barna told Christians in Leesburg, Virginia, on Thursday that the United States is in the middle of a "worldview crisis" that affects every other problem confronting the nation today.READ MORE

Pastor Artur Pawlowski getting arrested

Government Attempts To Imprison Canadian Pastor Over COVID Lockdowns Shot Down By Court


Instead of jail time, an Alberta judge sentenced Pastor Artur Pawlowski to a $23,000 fine, probation, community service, and restrictions on what he may post online.READ MORE

Pope Francis

Pope Francis Is A ‘Zealous Cooperator’ In The Great Reset And Seeks To Demolish Catholic Church, Archbishop Says


Noted Catholic Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano has issued a scathing criticism on Pope Francis and his association with The Great Reset.READ MORE


Leading Doctors Sue FDA To Obtain Data It Used To 'License The Pfizer Vaccine'


Well-known doctors like Dr. Peter McCullough have called for access to confidential information about Pfizer's COVID vaccine to be made available as soon as possible.READ MORE

Skillet frontman John Cooper

Skillet’s John Cooper Urges Christians To Love And Stand For Truth Despite Media And Culture's Lies


Skillet's John Cooper brought up an important point about one of the most essential qualities of Christ-like love, which delights in truth and will not compromise for the sake of neighborly love or submission to authority.READ MORE


CDC And FDA's COVID-19 'Statistical Manipulation’ Fuelling Legislators’ Demand For Grand Jury Investigation


Following allegations of statistical manipulation by officials at the Centers for Disease Control and the Food and Drugs Administration, lawmakers are now calling for an inquiry by a grand jury to uncover the truth about the agencies' wrongdoings with regards to the pandemic.READ MORE


Catholic Hospital Rejects 650 Workers' Religious Exemptions From The COVID Vaccine Mandate


About 650 workers at the Ascension Providence Hospital in Novi, Michigan, have been refused religious exemptions from the COVID-19 vaccine mandate.READ MORE

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