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Sarah Mae Saliong

infant holding parent's finger

Prominent Theologian Responds To Pope Francis’ Comments On Parenting, Shares Important Insight


"That's quite a strong statement coming from anyone," the theologian said.READ MORE

woman reading the Bible happily with a cup in hand

People Who Are Unsure About Their Relationship With God More Likely To Suffer Mental Distress: Study


Research has shown that those who doubt or have no relationship with God are more likely to suffer from mental stress and anxiety.READ MORE

The Bible translated

Canada's Pastors Set To Denounce ‘Conversion Therapy’ Ban


Canadian pastors pledged to defend Biblical teaching on sexuality in response to the passing of Bill C-4, known as the "conversion therapy" ban.READ MORE

Missionaries from Christian Aid Ministries

Unknown Donor Paid Ransom For Kidnapped Missionaries In Haiti


An anonymous donor was instrumental in the release of some of the Christian missionaries who were abducted by a notorious gang in Haiti last year.READ MORE

Kathie Lee Gifford

Kathie Lee Gifford Addresses Westerners' Skepticism Of Spiritual Gifts


Actress Kathie Lee Gifford feels that many Christians in Western culture have a poor understanding of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.READ MORE

young people having a picnic while looking at the sunset

Christian CEO Says 2022 Is The Year The Parallel Economy Takes Off


A Christian entrepreneur assures that as medical tyranny rises to unprecedented heights and the value of the U.S. dollar plummets, a new Christian economy is taking root.READ MORE

Soldier giving a salute to the American flag

America Needs A Patton Now, And Christians Must Fight For It: Evangelist


California-based preacher Mario Murillo spoke on the importance of standing firm in faith in the face of evil. He also shared his opinions on what he believes makes a successful leader and who he believes possess these characteristics. READ MORE

John Cooper of the popular Christian rock band Skillet

Christian Singer Presents Reasons To Be Optimistic In 2022 Amid All The Chaos


In episode 90 of the Cooperstuff podcast, Skillet frontman and bassist John Cooper asserts that there are several reasons to be positive about the year 2022.READ MORE

girl reading from the book of Proverbs in the Bible

Learn How This Scientific Ministry Helped Mother Of Five Trust The Bible Over Evolutionary Theory


The founder of a Bible-based scientific ministry shares how their work helped a mother believe what God's Word says about creation as opposed to man-made ideas such as Darwin's theory of evolution.READ MORE

Elon Musk

Tesla CEO Elon Musk Says He Agrees With 'The Principles That Jesus Advocated'


When asked about Jesus in a recent interview with the famous Christian satirical website, The Babylon Bee, Tesla CEO Elon Musk responded positively.READ MORE

WWII veteran Lawrence Brooks

Oldest WWII Vet Who Died At 112 Years Lived That Long Because Of One Important Secret


Relatives of the oldest-known World War II soldier in the United States, who died recently at the age of 112, have disclosed the secret to his long life.READ MORE

'The Chosen' Season 2

Studio Behind Phenomenal Series 'The Chosen' Receives $47M Investment To Remake Entertainment Industry


Film company Angel Studios has reportedly received nearly $50 million in financing to help revolutionize the entertainment industry. READ MORE

woman praying with her hands clasped

Apostolic Minister Shares How Christians Can Thrive And Prosper Amid Current Crises Around The World


Apostle John Eckhardt offered some suggestions on how Christians might flourish and prosper through these tough times, particularly in light of the present worldwide crisis.READ MORE

Gray metal door knobs in China

Chinese Authorities Storm Houses, Send People To Quarantine Camps At Night Amid Lockdowns: Report


Chinese police have reportedly swarmed into hundreds of homes in a city and forcibly taken people to quarantine centers in the world's strictest lockdown.READ MORE

United Nations sculpture

Statue Resembling 'Beast' From Book Of Revelation No Longer On Display At UN Building


The controversial "Guardian for International Peace and Security" sculpture that many Christians compared to a biblical "End Times beast" has been removed from the Visitors Plaza outside the United Nations headquarters.READ MORE

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