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Sarah Mae Saliong

First Baptist Church of Venice

This Black Church Was Almost Converted Into A Home For Rolling Stone’s Publisher, But Locals Won’t Have It


Following the $6.3 million sale to Jay Penske's Penske Media Corporation, which publishes Rolling Stone and Variety, locals have been campaigning to keep the First Baptist Church of Venice standing.READ MORE

bowing down in worship prayer repentance adoration awe

Pastor Says The Day Of Mass Crusades Has Returned, But Will Begin With A Political Exposé


A minister from California states that a massive harvest is coming, and it will begin with a hunger brought about by the uncovering of many errors and evils plaguing society today.READ MORE

Crossroads Church in Oakley

Ohio Megachurch Apologizes For Guest Preacher’s Rousing Talk On How Gender Dysphoria Should Be Handled


Crossroads Church issued an apology in response to the negative feedback they received last week regarding one of their speakers who talked about gender identity and other similar topics.READ MORE

Tatjana Schoenmaker

Olympic Record-Breaking Female Swimmer Gives Glory To God For Her Performance


South African Olympic swimmer Tatjana Schoenmaker, set a new record on Wednesday in the 200-meter breaststroke for women. Now, she is making use of her achievement to encourage others to follow Christ.READ MORE

Michael Gungor

Popular Worship Leader Ignites Furor For Heretic Tweet Saying ‘Buddha,’ ‘Muhammad’ And ‘You’ Are ‘Christ’


Thousands of people responded to a tweet by Michael Gungor, the lead singer of the famous band Gungor, on Friday, July 23. The post drew widespread criticism because it asserted that, although Jesus is the Christ, so are Buddha, Muhammad, people, and the church.READ MORE

hands raised in prayer and worship in church

Churches Recognizing Traumatic Legacy Of Residential Schools, Will Help Bring Healing To Natives


Following the uproar over the discovery of unmarked graves in Canada, as well as calls for a similar accounting in the United States, clergy from various religious groups are urging churches to do more to facilitate healing for survivors and their descendants.READ MORE

Dr. Tony Evans

Tony Evans Shares ‘Kingdom Race Theology’ As Biblical Response To CRT Push


Pastor Tony Evans of the Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship gave a biblical response to the divisive subject of critical race theory, which has also caused conflicts within churches.READ MORE

Freedom to talk

Christians Must Fight For Free Speech, And Here's Why


The right to free speech is under attack today, and Christians should fight for it. Here's a reason why.READ MORE

The Ark Encounter in Kentucky

Ark Encounter Cancelled A Partnership Ahead Of The '40 Days and 40 Nights Christian Music Festival,' And Here's Why


Answers in Genesis (AiG) and Holt International have discontinued their partnership for a planned music event at the Ark Encounter in Kentucky because of a Biblical compromise on the part of the latter.READ MORE

Christian raising hand in worship of God in church

Pastor Responds To Mackenzie Morgan's Criticism Of Contemporary Worship Groups' Lack of Theological Depth


As more congregations join Mackenzie Morgan in speaking out against "wishy-washy" theologies promoted in church worship music and pulpit speeches, Lancaster pastor Shane Idleman added nuance to the theological discussion.READ MORE

People worshiping Jesus Christ the Lord

The Church Is The Key To Overturning The Electoral Deceit And Mockery Of God In America


California pastor Mario Murillo suspects that electoral fraud is the reason why Democrats and the Left have attempted to suppress or censure anybody who questions the result of the American election. Combating deception, on the other hand, must be taken up by the church as its duty.READ MORE

ChinaAid founder Dr. Bob Fu

Pastor Bob Fu Testifies At The IRF Summit 2021: "The World Witnesses The Worst Religious Persecution Seen In China Since Mao"


ChinaAid founder Pastor Bob Fu presented at the IRF Summit 2021 on July 13 on "China's Current Religious Persecution" that "the rule of man has replaced the rule of law and rule by law" in China, and gave several recommendations to the Biden administration.READ MORE

Starting from Oct 18th, Joel Osteen plans to bring indoor service

Joel Osteen Is In The News Again For A $325,000 Ferrari … That He Doesn’t Own


Joel Osteen, pastor of Houston's Lakewood Church, has made headlines once again for his supposed recent purchase of a Ferrari.READ MORE

Dr. David Jeremiah

Dr. David Jeremiah Provides Stunning Advice On How Christians Can Counter Cancel Culture


Recognizing the challenges of living as citizens of God's Kingdom in a world that is becoming more antagonistic to His value systems, Pastor David Jeremiah urged Christians to adopt four "uncancellable concepts" namely wisdom, courage, forgiveness and love.READ MORE

Pastor Jim Domen

Pastor Overjoyed As Appeals Court Reviews Case Of Online Censorship Over Biblical Sexuality


Unhappy with a previous court judgment that protected social media sites like Vimeo from responsibility in censorship lawsuits, a Christian charity leader in California is now rejoicing because of an update from the courts.READ MORE

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