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Yunsook Kang

North Korean Human Rights Debate at the event hosted by the North Korea Freedom Coalition in April last year.

Greg Scarlatoiu, "The Oppression of Women in North Korea is The Outcome of Totalitarianism"


An online meeting to publicize the reality of women's human rights in North Korea was held on the 10th under the host of the North Korean Freedom Coalition (Chairperson Suzanne Scholte). READ MORE

Nearly one in five U.S. adults still attend church services and worships amid concerns over the coronavirus pandemic, according to a recent poll.

In-person Church Service Is Still Encouraged by Some American Churches


Nearly one in five U.S. adults still attend church services and worships amid concerns over the coronavirus pandemic, according to a recent poll. READ MORE

Full Text of the Seoul Metropolitan Government's Briefing on Cancellation of Shincheonji Corporation

The Seoul Metropolitan Government has decided that the division corporation related to Shincheonji, which had been registered in the Seoul Metropolitan Government under the name of "the New Heaven and New Earth, the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony" violated the terms of permission and thus revoked the permission for establishment today (June 26) according to Article 38 of the Civil Law. READ MORE

Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon

Seoul Metropolitan Government Revokes Shincheonji’s Corporation


The Seoul Metropolitan Government has revoked its approval for the establishment of the New Heaven and New Earth, the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony, a division of Shincheonji Church of Jesus. READ MORE

ⓒ pixabay, Wikipedia

North Koreans Fall in Vulnerable Situation Due to COVID-19


The Radio Free Asia (RFA) reported on 24th that Christian missionaries work in North Korea are asking for help, saying that North Koreans are in great trouble due to the spread of the coronavirus infection. READ MORE

George Barna, executive director of the American Culture and Faith Institute.

Ariz. Christian U., Sets to Establish the First Cultural Research Center for U.S. Culture Based on a Biblical Worldview


A veteran researcher with Arizona's Christian University is preparing to set up the first center this week to restore the Biblical worldview and God's truth to all areas of American culture. READ MORE

Encouragement to the Church During Hardships

Francis Chan Encouragement to the Church: ‘Coronavirus Is One of the Greatest Opportunities to Reach Out to the Lost World’


In a video message to Crazy Love YouTube channel on March 20, Francis Chen, a best-selling author, and pastor saw the coronavirus pandemic as "one of the greatest opportunities to approach the world that has lost God" and encouraged them to show that they have not lost our love, joy and peace in fear and anxiety.READ MORE


Debate Ensues Among U.S Church Leaders and Health Experts Over Whether to Close the Church or Not


The spread of the new coronavirus infection in U.S. communities has sparked debate over whether to close the church or not. READ MORE

Church of the Highlands campus in Grandview, Alabama. | Brown Mechanical

Coronavirus Tests Provided from The Church of the Highlands to Help Up to 500 People Each Day


The multi-campus church in Highland, Alabama, said it will also conduct drive-through coronavirus tests on the Grandview campus starting Tuesday, even for those who are incapable of paying the costs. READ MORE

Jentezen Franklin, senior pastor of the multi-campus Free Chapel Church in Gainesville, Ga., preaches to his online audience in an empty auditorium on March 15, 2020.

Empty Church Buildings on Sunday, Trump Joins Thousands of Worshipers Moving Online


President Donald Trump attended an online service as one of hundreds of thousands of Christians across the country on Sunday after declaring National Prayer Day with the new coronavirus pandemic last Saturday.READ MORE

Freedom House released its "2020 Freedom Report in the World 2020" on April 4.

Freedom House Said "North Korea Is the Worst Free Oppressor In the World"


Radio Free Asia (RFA) reported on 6(local time) that an international human rights organization has marked out North Korea for the world's worst oppressor of civil rights and political circles.READ MORE

Drive-Through coronavirus testing set up in Seattle

PCUSA Leaders Decide to Demand Cancelation of Worship Service at Seattle Churches Due to Coronavirus


The Presbyterian Church headquarters in Washington state in the U.S. is encouraging churches in the Seattle area to cancel services due to the coronavirus.READ MORE

Chinese People Attend Worship Service Despite the Destroyed Church

Chinese People Attend Worship Service Despite the Destroyed Church


The Voice of Martyrs Korea(VOM), recently reported that the Chinese government continues to oppress Christians by making new regulations while the coronavirus is raging. READ MORE

Mike Pence prays during a meeting with the US Coronavirus Taskforce. Source:

Vice President Mike Pence With U.S. Coronavirus TF Team Prays to Overcome Coronavirus


The photo of Vice President Mike Pence and other Coronavirus task force team praying, taken February 26, was released at the White House and began to float on social media.Reverend Franklin Graham shared two picture of Vice President Mike Pence and other TF team praying on his Facebook page on Mar. 2.READ MORE

Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon

Seoul Metropolitan Government About to Announce Cancellation of Shincheonji's Corporation

Shincheonji religious group is the heresy recognized as the main culprit behind the spread of the Coronavirus crisis in Korea. READ MORE

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