Trump supporters in California went to the streets in protest of Gov. Gavin Newsom's new curfew rule.

On Saturday, citizens from different cities in California went to the streets to protest against Gov. Newsom's curfew order. Thousands of Trump supporters from 16 cities of the state gathered on the streets carrying Trump/Pence flags at 10:01 p.m.

Per CBS Los Angeles, protesters carried various banners to express their disappointment regarding the California governor's recent restriction. The curfew order requires everyone in the entire state to stay indoors from 10 pm until 5 o'clock in the morning.

The order took effect on Saturday and will end on Dec. 21 with provisions for extension depending on the number of positive coronavirus cases in the State.

Describing the governor's new edict as overreaching, Trump supporters organized protest rallies across various counties in California to express their resentment. They planned to launch the move that they called the "Curfew Crashers" protest on the 16 counties simultaneously, Breitbart news reported.

Joining the protest were Brentwood, Beverly Hills, San Clemente, Yorba Linda, La Quinta, and San Diego. Citizens from Santa Cruz, Santa Barbara, Sacramento, Redlands, and Patterson also joined the move.

The organizers gave away flyers bearing the phrase, "If you are a free American join us for a clear act of defiance against Newsom's 10 p.m. stay-at-home order, "encouraging the California citizens to join the move.

The flyers also stated how some of the programs in various counties will run. It said Santa Barbara will hold a mask defiance ceremony and will end with a mask burning.

Aside from the Trump/Pence flags protesters also carried banners saying "Open up California."

The state government implemented the new rule after putting 95 percent of California to a purple tier level of novel coronavirus spread positive cases after the state recorded an increase in the number of COVID-19 infections. Counties placed under the purple tier are within the wider range of severity with more than seven new positive cases in 100 thousand tested for seven days, One America News Network reported.

Syndie Ly, one of the organizers in San Clemente, said the protest movement was about the citizens of the state rising up against what she described as Governor Newsom's overreaching edict and people rising up for their freedom.

Nancy Vu-Kerr, one of those who joined the curfew crashers protest in Huntington Beach said that their freedoms are truly at risk. She called the curfew order a tyrannical and government overreach of the Democrat governors.

Russ Taylor, one of the event organizers encouraged everyone to be responsible with vigilance to the COVID-19 pandemic yet to not be so fearful and lose their personal liberties living in a bubble.

Rick Brown, an organizer who also campaigned for Tito Ortiz at Huntington Beach City Council said in a report that people are fed up. He described the event as a move of over 1,000 people rising up against an undeclared martial law.

Meanwhile, Los Angeles county sheriffs declared that they will not enforce the curfew within their regions.

California Republicans recently urged the public to exercise civil disobedience against the governor's tightening COVID-19 restrictions that include preventing churches and similar institutions to open. California Senate Minority Leader said that in these trying times, "we desperately need the church to stay open."