Trump lawyer and former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani explained that their announcement regarding lawyer Sidney Powell as being independent from the Trump legal team is because they are "pursuing two different theories" in the voter fraud case.

During an appearance in Fox Business Network's "Lou Dobbs Tonight," former NYC mayor and current Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani said they are pursuing two different theories with regards to what really happened during the recent US Elections, Breitbart reported. For this reason, the Trump legal team decided to announce that lawyer Sidney Powell isn't part of the official team

The lawyer, alongside Trump legal Senior Adviser Jenna Ellis, announced that "Sidney Powell is practicing law on her own. She is not a member of the Trump Legal Team. She is also not a lawyer for the President in his personal capacity."

While some had thought of this announcement as some sort of evidence that there's been a falling out from within the US President's legal team, the opposite is actually true: Powell and Giuliani are pursuing different leads that can prove that massive electoral cheating happened.

Powell, for one, said in a statement that she agrees with Giuliani that she is not a lawyer for the President in his personal capactiy, and added that she is preparing an "epic" lawsuit that can prove that millions of votes were stolen from Trump.

Giuliani, on the other hand, is pursuing a theory that will take him to the Supreme Court. This theory, he said, "is basically misconduct of the election by state officials in at least five or six different states in which the misconduct of the election involved depravation of constitutional rights for the president."

The lawyer provided examples to define this kind of misconduct:

First, in some parts of a state, particularly one controlled by Democrat, "you could fix a ballot." This cannot be done in another part of the same state. Second, while one part of the state examines ballots properly, another part doesn't examine it. This is proven by the 680,000 unexamined ballots in Pennsylvania, the lawyer said.

"Elections are supposed to be conducted under the auspices of the laws passed by the legislature, and, in fact, they made a mockery of it in Pennsylvania," Giuliani said. "The only place maybe worse is Michigan, and particularly the city of Detroit. The city of Detroit probably had more voters than it had citizens."

Giuliani explained that there was "rampant" voter fraud in the recent elections, so much that it was "out of control." He said he thinks the use of mail-in ballots was part of a plan to steal the elections, and that by using such ballots, they will be able to manipulate the numbers and significantly increase it.

In 2016, for example, the cheaters might've had 450,000 absentee ballots in Pennsylvania , Giuliani said. Now, the cheaters have had 2.6 million ballots. This year's elections isn't the first the cheaters have stolen, but this time, however, they had "massive" ballots to use.

Despite the massive cheating, as well as the continued spreading of lies by some media outlets, Giuliani believes that they have enough evidence to prove what they claim.

"And we have evidence," he said. "The evidence has been presented, and the media lies that we have no evidence. They're just too lazy to read our 100 affidavits, which are on the public record, from American citizens whose votes were stolen from them."