President Donald Trump recently delivered what he calls as 'the most important speech' of his presidency.

In a 46-minute speech he released last Wednesday, December 3, President Trump once again rebuked the last election that happened saying that it was "rigged."

Trump addressed how "mail-in voting opened the floodgates" to massive voting fraud considering that some people are not able to write, some have moved out of state, some are non-citizens, while some are already deceased.

"It's a widely known fact that the voting rolls are packed with people who are not lawfully eligible to vote, including those who are deceased, have moved out of their state, and even are non-citizens of our country."

Trump adds several points to make his case for the rigged election. He added that the many issues on the voting records were not disputed and "has never been disputed."

"Beyond this the records are riddled with errors, wrong addresses, and many other issues. This is not disputed. It has never been disputed."

In the almost hour-long speech, President Trump calls out the fact that voters were told to expect ballot counting to take weeks or even months even though they have "an Election Day."

The speech also mentioned the Democrats using "the pandemic as a pretext" to override constitutional law during the election where they mailed out tens of millions of ballots and even set out bloated voter rolls.

"Dozens of counties in key swing states have more registered voters on the rolls than they have voting age citizens, including 67 counties in Michigan," Trump said.

In Wisconsin, which is one of the key battleground states during the election, more than 100,000 people could not confirm their residency and refused to clean up their registrations. Trump said he knew the reason for this.

"I knew why: because they're illegal voters."

The President of the United States also shared how he saw votes swing massively towards his opponent, flipping his lead towards Biden.

"I went from leading by a lot to losing by a little."

Overnight, Biden took the lead during the voting count Wisconsin and Michigan's 149,772 votes overnight flipped the results in favor of Joe Biden.

Trump said the "glitch" that flipped thousands of his votes to Biden is actually a technology of the Dominion Voting System that can go undetected unless done by a forensic expert. To date, the company behind DVS denies all the allegations.

While left-wing news media calls Trump's speech as "false claims" and "baseless," earlier reports of voter fraud evidence surfaced revealing how the election was filled with irregularities.

"The media knows this, but they don't want to report it. In fact, they outright refuse to even cover it, because they know the result if they do," Trump said.

President Trump also calls what happened in the election as "statistically impossible" seeing that Republicans all across the U.S. have won and flipped so many seats, including Democrat states. Surprisingly, the presidential election did not equally reflect the massive GOP voter turnout.

"It is statistically impossible, the person that led the charge, me, lost,"

"We led the country to victory and you are the only one that was lost. It's not possible," President Donald Trump said.