A Christian lawyer is now in hiding after receiving death threats for defending victims in the Fulani attack in Nigeria.

Daylop Solomon, a Nigerian Christian lawyer and also the leader of the Emancipation Centre for Crisis Victims in Nigeria (ECCVN) is now under threat after speaking out against the radical Fulani herdsmen and the terrorist group Boko Haram who murdered Christians in a fatal attack, a report from the Christian Post says.

Before receiving the death threats, Solomon was still able to visit the villages where the attack happened. The Christian lawyer spoke to witnesses to document the brutal killing of the men and women.

An anonymous source from Nigeria's Opera News claims that people outside of Nigeria are helping those who want to hunt and kill Solomon.

According to the anonymous source, Solomon is being tracked to be "shot dead or captured alive."

"Inside sources revealed on Monday that his photograph has been taken to Saudi Arabia, and his phone contact is being trailed from Abuja (Nigeria's capital) just to have him shot dead or captured alive. His present residence has been traced by some hired agents."

It was not the first time that Solomon stood up to defend the men and women who were killed during the Fulani attack. For more than 10 years now, Solomon has been an advocate defending Christians who suffer persecution in Nigeria.

Aside from defending them, he also tracks and reports any form of attacks against Christians in Central Nigeria. As a lawyer, Solomon prosecutes attackers who destroy Christian villages or worse, kill men and women who express their faith.

As the leader of ECCVN, Solomon helps Christians in Nigeria by bringing them justice from Islamist extremist attacks. They also provide relief help for attack survivors.

Opera News relates that a source close to Solomon pointed out that "his failure to back out from criminalizing Fulani" earned him serious trouble.

Before his phone was tracked recently, Solomon was still able to share that attacks happened in Nigeria's Middle Belt region mostly because of the Christian faith of the people.

"So many communities here have been affected and the reason is because of their Christian faith. [Nigeria's] Middle Belt has been left to its fate. Few Christian organizations have been reaching out to these victims. So that's why we keep appealing to brethren, Christians across the globe, to come to our aid."

In a previous interview, Solomon called for Christians worldwide to help Nigerian Christians by reporting about the persecution they face. They also urge governments to help pressure Nigeria to take the necessary action against religious attacks.

It was not the first time that Solomon received threats for helping out his fellow Christians in Nigeria. He has received previous death threats and even escaped assassination attempts from Islamic extremists. Even the Nigerian government has Solomon on their watchlist because of his continued defense of Christians in their country.

Just this year, an estimated number of over 1,200 Christians have been murdered between January and June. The Jubilee Campaign USA considers the murder of Christians in Nigeria as a genocide. Christianity Daily reported months earlier that an estimated 11,500 to 12,000 Christians have died in Nigeria since 2015.