GOP Representative Adam Kinzinger apologized to Pastor Robert Jeffress for his false accusations against the church leader.

GOP Rep. Kinzinger took to Twiter on Jan. 13 to publicly apologize to Pastor Robert Jeffress, the pastor of First Baptist Dallas over a false accusation. The congressman allegedly accused the renowned leader of promoting the claim of a stolen 2020 elections.

"You know sir? You are absolutely correct," said the GOP representative. "You did act honorably, and while my point remains about the Church and the need for pastors to lead, you did not press those stolen election conspiracies. I am sorry for including you in that," the Twitter update ended.

Kinzinger on Jan. 12 criticized conservative Christian pastors on social media and accused them of being the ones promoting President Donald Trump's claims over the recently held presidential elections. The representative said in an earlier Twitter update that the Christian leaders are responsible for pushing the idea of election fraud in the 2020 elections, according to Christian Post.

He called out to the conservative church leaders to admit their mistakes and to lead their flocks out of the darkness. Among the names he mentioned of spreading voter fraud were Franklin Graham, president, and CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and of Samaritan's Purse, and Jeffress.

It's worth noting that Rev. Graham at one time said he tends to believe President Trump's assertion that the 2020 election was "rigged" because he had been proven right over and over. The President's accusations are not without merit -- there are tons of evidence supporting his claims.

Kinzinger later took down the Twitter update yet called the attention of the church leaders he accused. Jeffress replied to the social media update with a demand for an apology.

"Adam, you need to get your facts straight," Jeffress said on Twitter. "I've never once claimed the election was 'stolen.' If anyone needs to 'admit their mistake,' it's YOU. Will be awaiting your apology," the pastor added.

Jeffress said he appreciated the public apology, something rarely done by people in position. He accepted the act of contrition and replied by saying they are praying for the congressman and for all the newly elected officials.

Jeffress who was one of the prominent church leaders who boldly expressed their support to President Donald Trump during the 2016 Republican presidential campaign was in the news in November after his column published on Fox News gained public attention. His column was headlined, "Pastor Robert Jeffress: Biden is president-elect - how should Christians respond?" Christianity Daily reported.

Although his column did not actually claim Joe Biden's victory yet said it appeared that Biden would be the 46th president of the United States unless President Donald Trump succeeds in his legal challenges to the vote counting, it did not escape the eyes of critics. The op-ed was published during the time that conservatives sought the truth behind the 2020 election results that showed more votes in favor of Biden.

After various news outlets came out and wrote criticisms on his op-ed Jeffress later explained that Fox News asked him to write on how Christians should react about how the 2020 Presidential elections turned out. He added that it was the management who supplied the title and he only provided the content.