China is leaving a bad taste in the "global" mouth so to speak after the deadly COVID-19 pandemic broke out from Wuhan in 2019 and the CCP's horrifying human rights abuses against the Uyghur community in Xinjiang.

Now, United States leaders are calling for the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to prevent the communist state from hosting the Winter Olympics, which are set for a February 2022 date. One of the latest U.S. legislators to call on the IOC to move the Winter Olympics out of China in 2022 is Republican Senator Ted Cruz from Texas.

On Monday morning, Sen. Ted Cruz released an op-ed for FOX News, in which he admitted that boycotting the Winter Olympics and preventing American athletes from participating in it is not the right way to show opposition to China. After all, athletes have trained and worked hard for an opportunity to compete and bring honor to countries they represent.

Instead, the 50 year-old senator called on the IOC to choose another country to hold the Winter Olympics 2022.

"I and many others hope that the International Olympic Committee comes to its senses and moves the 2022 Olympic Winter Games out of Beijing," Sen. Cruz wrote in the op-ed, as per Breitbart.

He expressed his dismay on the decision of IOC to let China host the Olympics, writing that he was "flabbergasted" over enabling the "human rights-abusing, free speech-repressing, trade-and-currency manipulating set of totalitarians who make up the Chinese Communist Party" to be the honorable host of the Olympics. He wrote that he hopes "reason prevails" and that the games would be moved out of China.

Sen. Cruz added that boycotting the Olympics would be the wrong move. Instead, have the American athletes compete and beat Chinese players. He argued, "The worst thing we can do to stand up to China is to keep our athletes home."

The Texas senator insisted that China is a bully that must be stopped and if the IOC decides not to move the games out of China, "It is our responsibility and duty to make sure that our athletes go to Beijing, compete confidently and safely, and return home triumphantly."

Republican Senator Mitt Romney of Utah agrees with Sen. Cruz's sentiment. In an op-ed for The New York Times, Sen. Romney wrote that China "does not deserve an Olympic showcase" and instead "deserves our condemnation."

He also called boycotting the Olympics "counterproductive." Instead, he proposes an "economic and diplomatic boycott" in which families of coaches and athletes would not travel to China, therefore decreasing the "enormous revenues the Chinese Communist Party will raise from hotels, meals and tickets." He proposed that American corporations should also consider sending their customers and associates to the games to U.S. venues and not Chinese-owned ones.

Like Sen. Cruz, Sen. Romney is hoping that the IOC would reconsider their strategy of "awarding Games to repressive regimes" in the hopes of "[lessening] their abuses." This clearly has not worked, as China continues to violate the international law on genocide.