A detransitioned woman's gender transition testimony has her questioning a system that allowed her to make irreversible changes to her body. On April 21, she shared that it had been five years since she had a double mastectomy, saying it was "really tough to deal with" and that "My scars are so large and I want to crawl out of my skin."

"I can't believe I was allowed as a child to have this procedure. No one could have prepared me for the reality of it," the girl named Eden said in a series of tweets, as per Big League Politics.

"I was promised sunshine and rainbows. Happiness. All my sadness and gender dysphoria would go away. Of course a kid who was miserable would take that immediately."

"I don't even feel as if I fit into any gender anymore. My dysphoria is worse than I could have imagined, the fever dream that is transition blinded me," Eden wrote, claiming the same facts that other medical practitioners have said before, that beginning with puberty blockers would lead them down a path to more serious, irreversible changes.

"I'm so tired. I wish I could go back to being a little girl and tell myself no, this is the wrong path," she added.

"Why are we expecting children to know exactly who they will be as adults? Let them grow," Eden argued.

A report from the Economist revealed that according to doctors who treat trans-identifying minors, puberty blockers are usually used momentarily to give children time to decide if they want to proceed to cross-sex hormones and hormone therapy, among other procedures.

However, a "vast majority" of these children who take puberty blockers do end up getting cross-sex hormones, suggesting that in fact, these puberty blockers tend to encourage them to proceed with more serious therapies and possibly even surgeries. The report said, "Cross-sex hormones, meanwhile, cause myriad severe health problems, including uterine atrophy and heart problems for trans men on testosterone. They can cause sterility."

In a 2019 report from Sky News, an anonymous Australian detransitioner who went by the name of Ruby recounted how the clinic that provided gender transition services did not address her mental health issues that may have been connected with her gender dysphoria. She shared her gender transition testimony saying, "I think there is a system of saying, 'okay here's your hormones, here's your surgery, off you go.' I don't think that's helpful for anyone."

More and more detransitioners are speaking out on this issue, including Keira Bell and Charlie Evans from the U.K. and Helena Kerschner in the U.S.

However, WND reports that those who support the transgender agenda are fighting to silence the pain of transitioners who have regretted their decision, vilifying them and those that seek to shed more light on their unique gender transition testimonies. The James Dobson Family Institute founder, James Dobson, even called out President Joe Biden's support for the transgender agenda, calling it "lunacy."

Dobson argued that the president is "under the very mistaken impression that teaching our children the truth about biological reality constitutes discrimination." He explained that puberty blockers are being prescribed to prepubescent children who want to transition, but what they do not know is that these blockers prevent them from experiencing puberty, a vital period in their lives in which they truly discover aspects of their identity.