Christian singer Lauren Daigle's song topped the Billboard's Hot Christian Songs chart for the fifth time through her latest single "Hold On To Me," making her the first female solo artist to have done such.

According to Billboard, the track shifted from No. 5 to the top spot of the chart after her appearance on the finale of "The Voice" last month. The song reportedly sold more than 200% with 5,500 downloads just days after her performance. It was also streamed 1.8 million times during the tracking week.

Her other songs that have topped the said chart include "Trust In You," "Back To God," "You Say" and "The Christmas Song."

Daigle is followed by Carrie Underwood with three top songs on the chart. Among all artists, she tied with Matthew West for seventh place.

In an interview with Forbes, the singer discussed about the making of her music video for her latest single, which was used to raise funds for her own foundation, "The Price Fund."

Daigle established the foundation in 2018 to help the needy through community initiatives and outreaches. Its partners include the Young Audiences of Louisiana Charter School, Ellis Marsalis Center, Kid Smart, Roots of Music and The New Orleans Center for Creative Arts. In 2020, the foundation collaborated with "Love Does" to build a school in Congo that aims to help 300 children in the country's conflict zone.

The video showed various stories to raise awareness on issues such as health crises, incarceration, family growth and conflict.

"I really wanted to figure out a way to bring the community in. This is where you take something that's heavy and you see how the world can come together," she said.

"In the making of Hold On To Me, the music video, we have four different rooms. And in each room, there's a different scene, all reflective of how we need each other, as a culture, as humanity, as individuals. We need the person, we need a neighbor..." she continued.

Further, she stated that the stories on the video were gathered from the people she encountered who were impacted by her inspirational songs.

"These stories are stories that I've collected from people on the road. I've heard from inmates like, 'You don't understand what your songs have meant to me while I've been in prison.' I've heard from people in the hospital like, 'You don't understand what it was like to have to lose a loved one, but as they were passing away, they were playing your music.' You know, all of these stories are connected. And I love it. So it's kind of a way to give back to the story giver," Daigle explained.

She also spoke about the process of writing her tracks. The singer revealed that she would tell stories during her writing sessions, believing that these could lead to the lyrics needed for the song. She added that collaborating with her team of songwriters requires humility, to be able for them to create music that would make a positive impact to the listeners.