Not wanting to "back down" nor "dilute his message or lower his voice," Mario Murillo declares that God on the believer's side is a guaranteed "majority."

Writing about active demonstrations of the Christian faith, Murillo announced that his blog is "not for those who practice 'cuddly-Christianity.'" Hence, in his Sunday post, he said that he's specifically looking for "misfits, rebels and true warriors," the kind that will not wait "for permission to save a nation from destruction."

With Matthew 11:12 as his scriptural reference, Murillo cites how the church in America is being suppressed.

"The Left says, 'Be a good little Christian, we got this.' They warn pastors, 'Just because the pandemic is winding down, that doesn't mean we won't stop telling you when you can meet and what you can preach.' They say, 'Get used to less privacy, less rights, and less money.' They used that cursed phrase, 'new normal,'" he wrote.

So speaking to those who will respond to his challenge, Murillo has the following exhortation:

"Every dream, every vision, every strategy that God gave us is unchanged by the virus."

The pandemic lockdowns have certainly inconvenienced many public sectors including churches. But for warrior-spirited Christians, Murillo stressed that it was not seen as a setback.

"What are you doing during this shutdown, warrior? My guess is, instead of downgrading your dream, you downloaded defiance. You didn't relax, you reloaded. You aren't whimpering and whining, but forging and shining. You aren't mooing with the cattle, you are yearning for battle," he said.

"Remember: Even before all of this happened, you withdrew from the religious rec-hall, so that you could go after God. Never forget how sick and empty you felt during those church performances of flesh, flash, and foolishness," he added.

Referencing 2 Timothy 4:4-5 as reminder for Christians of their evangelistic work, Murillo espoused this mandate to Jesus's promise in John 14:12 that miracles will follow as "signs" to confirm their words.

"The hunger to see signs and wonders body-slammed you. You wanted the real. You wanted the true miracles of Jesus and not those sad, commercialized parlor tricks that were so popular before the shutdown," remarked Murillo.

"In fact, the virus didn't shake our faith in miracles-it intensified our passion to see more! More power! More fire! More miracles!" he insisted.

"The Devil's fanning hatred toward the Gospel."

Describing the devil as "using the virus as pretext for persecution," Murillo warned any "soldier of revival" of the two-headed monster. One head represents Leftist state officials while the other head represents the "Laodicean (lukewarm) church of America." Instead of feeling disheartened, Murillo rallies the few radical Christians to prepare for "a gallant fight" by standing on God's promises.

"Are you going to back down now? Are you going to allow God-hating devils to decide the size of your future?" questioned Murillo. "This virus and the fearful policies that are growing out of it did not, and cannot, kill the promises of God."

"For every one of these detractors who leave, ten true disciples will rise up."

Speaking to ministers who are still at the crossroads of compromise and radical actions, Murillo encouraged them to remain focused on the goal of winning lost souls. He promised that miracles will follow because of their obedience.

"Declare truth no matter who it offends, and then watch as God grants unusual favor."

This is for all Christians, including business owners and those working in the government. Murillo urged them to repeal fake news and information, then watch what God will do with their obedience.

"We have work to do-God's work! So what if it looks impossible. So what if there seems to be a million of them and just two of us. Today is your victory cry. The moment is yours to command!" he assured.

"What the Christian faith is for."

Again noting that the Christian's path was meant to be narrow, Murillo shakes anyone who are starting to make a pity party for themselves.

"Don't you dare act like this is too hard for you," he admonished. "Don't flinch, wondering why this has happened to you. This is what your Christianity is for. This is what your faith is for."

"Believe it or not, you have been training for this all of your life. Long before this virus, God separated you for special training. Long before this shutdown, the Lord shaped the circumstances of your life, to give you the heart and the skills for saving a nation," said Murillo as comfort.