A father from Canada who was imprisoned for protesting his daughter's transgender therapy to transition into a boy, has been released on bail.

Robert Hoogland from British Columbia in Canada was punished with six more months of imprisonment for violating a court order that prohibited him from identifying himself in public and objecting his teenage daughter undergoing transgender therapy through the intake of testosterone. The Canadian father was released on bail and was given several conditions involving behavior.

According to the Christian Post, Hoogland filed an application for a release on bail pending the hearing of his appeal on the six month jail sentence ordered to him last month. The Canadian father had entered a guilty plea to criminal contempt of court and the court has now allowed him to be released on bail as long as he complies with several conditions.

Hoogland has been ordered to maintain peace, be in his best behavior, remain employed, and stay within the British Columbia province. He was also ordered to surrender his travel document, pursue the appeal he had filed, and comply with orders from the Supreme Court of British Columbia with regards to his case.

Hoogland, who was imprisoned for publicly objecting to his daughter's transgender therapy, must also refrain from directly or indirectly through a third party, publish or make publicly known any information surrounding his daughter's gender identity, health, medical status, and treatments.

He must also refrain from disclosing the identities of his daughter, his daughter's mother, and the other individuals who are involved in the case. The court also ordered for the Canadian father to be present at the Vancouver Law Courts on November 1 or on the date that will be set for his conviction appeal, whichever comes first.

For two years now, Hoogland has been fighting a legal battle against medical professionals, local government, and school officials, arguing that they had "infringed on his parental rights by allowing and encouraging his minor daughter to receive cross-sex hormones without his consent," the World News Group reported.

His daughter believed she identified as a boy since she was 11. At the age of 14, doctors at the British Columbia Children's Hospital (BCCH) Gender Clinic administered testosterone treatments despite objections from the Canadian father. Under Canada's Infants Act, minors are allowed to make medical decisions on their own, as long as the medical professionals believe the child is capable of consenting to such treatments.

Hoogland's protest against transgender therapy for minors has encouraged other concerned parents to do the same. Chris Elston, a father of two, launched a peaceful protest in Canada in 2020 with signs that read "Children Cannot Consent to Puberty Blockers." His goal to form a grassroots movement that tackles the negative effects of transgender ideology, just like what is happening with the Canadian father who was imprisoned for publicly objecting to his daughter's transgender therapy.

"We need to take a stand now," Elston declared in a video he released in April. "We can't have more situations like what we had today, where a father who is just trying to protect his girl is rotting away in prison for half a year, losing his job, getting a criminal record. It's madness."