Christian actor Kirk Cameron declared that through the power of God and guidance of "older wiser people," the youth have the ability to make a difference in the world.

In an interview with Dave Rubin on "The Rubin Report," Cameron shared his views about Hollywood's culture today, as a child actor who grew up as an atheist. He observed that people are "afraid" of public shame, humiliation and condemnation and thus, they are trying to hide their true selves and belief. He added that even Christians felt that way too.

He stated that people are designed to love God and if a person does not have a proper knowledge of God, he ends up worshipping either himself, the government or people group that are "smarter" than him.

"But ultimately, from that source will come our laws and it will dictate our morality and all of that kind of thing," he added.

Cameron hoped that Christians would not separate their faith "from the arts and entertainment" but apply the faith in their values and permeate the things that shape the culture.


Kirk Cameron's American Campfire Revival (
Kirk Cameron's American Campfire Revival (



He noted that faith-based films such as "The Chosen," "The Passion ofthe Christ" and a movie that he just finished filming, communicate "good messages" that the country is "getting away from" but are things that Christians like himself would like "to get back."

"So I'm hoping for a revival. Not just, you know, in the heart of people of faith, but in Hollywood and in government and in the marketplace and everywhere else," he continued.

Rubin further asked the actor if he is hopeful "because of how crazy" the challenge of pandemic has been, wherein people got depressed and confused but made them "look at their lives more seriously."

Cameron replied that he is. Citing the law of gravity, he said that "false systems will always end up failing." They may prosper for a time but is heading for disaster. He likened America's current culture to a tree that got so big but has a weak root system which could be toppled through a strong wind.

"Eventually, it will teeter and topple over because our foundational roots of faith and morality and virtue that our founders said were absolutely essential for a free society have begun to rot and we've neglected them," he warned.

"So if we see rotten fruit culturally, I think that the real answer is a systemic answer and we need to go down and we need to begin to nourish the roots again," the actor suggested.

He was also asked about how faith has shaped his political belief. Cameron said that he is "really not a political guy" but a "family and faith guy." However, the thought about his kids concerns him about the direction of the country in 20 years.

"That's a terrifying question. When I think about where we're headed right now - politically, economically, morally, spiritually," he added.

He also stated that "the people who built" America, like George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and the pilgrims who declared "that faith and morality are absolute essential for a free and just society," have made "sacred promises" to keep the covenant together. But people today are not doing such thing anymore.

He said that like how their ancestors taught these values to their children, people today should also teach these things to their kids.

"And I believe that we need to go back to that, if we want to see America flourish as a free and just society, even economically, even educationally. All of these things I think are our fruit on the tree with the roots going down into faith and virtue," he pointed out.

He was also hoping that the American people would find a solution to the country's current situation and not depend on the president.

Rubin agreed that hope would never come from any president, particularly not from Biden whom he described as "the guy on this air force one."

Cameron also stated that because of the young people who have the energy, passion and desire to change the world, he is hopeful of the future.

 He shared that the youth wants cultural change, revolution and "be part of something bigger than themselves." If they would "get on board," be inspired and catch the vision of the "older wiser people" who have the proper understanding on ideas, its consequences and history, the young people would make a difference.

"I'm banking on the power of God working in their hearts and through their minds to make better decisions than we've made in this generation. That's where my hope is," the actor added.

He said that to protect their kids from "cultural norms," such as the Critical Race Theory and "identity politics," Cameron and his wife have homeschooled their children.

"We felt we could offer our kids a superior educational path by teaching them the values and giving them the sources of information and history about and government and literature and faith that they weren't going to get at a regular school. And then some of the years were actually spent at private schools as well," he further explained.

In conclusion, Cameron revealed that he also invites his friends and their kids to discuss matters on relationships, politics and things which are considered taboo.