Hawaii Representative Tulsi Gabbard hits women's rights champions in the U.S. Congress over gender-inclusive rules that were set last Friday night, Jan. 2.

Breitbart reported that Gabbard found the use of gender neutral language by those claiming to champion women actually "deny the very biological existence of women." The report cited the interview Gabbard had with Tucker Carlson of Fox News Channel.

Gabbard was asked in the interview, Breitbart said, on her take regarding the move of Democrats who "voted to ban gender language in House rules".

"It absolutely does the very opposite of that. And it's the height of hypocrisy for people who claim to be the champions of rights for women to deny the very biological existence of women," Breitbart quoted Gabbard in saying.

Gabbard, who is a Democrat herself, cited that the use of gender neutral language actually goes against Title IX, as per Breitbart.

"There are people who are trying to undermine the very reason why Title IX was put in place by denying my existence, denying the existence of biological women," Gabbard explained. "It's--it defies common sense. It defies basic, established science."

Komonews explained that the "new administrative rules replacing gendered language" actually referred "to a lawmaker's family members".

The Democrats' ban to use gender terms came after "Congress governed under a binary rule requiring words set off by one gender to include the other gender as well", Komonews said.

Komonews cited that part of the Rules For The 117th Session of Congress would be the use of "pronouns and familial relationships in the House rules to be gender neutral or removes references to gender, as appropriate, to ensure we are inclusive of all Members, Delegates, Resident Commissioners and their families -including those who are nonbinary."

The Rules, which are available online, also removes references to "fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, husbands, wives and in-laws" by replacing them with "parent, child, sibling, spouse, or parent-in-law"; and to "aunt or uncle, stepparents, and siblings-in-law" with "child's parent".

In the actual interview, Gabbard highlighted that the very reason why she introduced a bill last December banning males from women's sports is that there is a distinct difference between men and women such that "there needs to be a level playing field for girls and women to be able to compete and play in sports".

"This recent rule change in the house," Gabbard stressed, "is mind-blowing because it shows just how out-of-touch with reality and the struggles of everyday Americans people in Congress are but also it shows that, you know, their first act--this new Congress--could have been to make sure that elderly Americans are able to get the COVID vaccine now alongside frontline healthworkers."

"Instead of doing something that could actually help save people's lives, they're choosing instead that you can't say mother or father in any of this Congressional language. It's outstanding," Gabbard expressed her disappointment.

Carlson commended Gabbard for the introducing the bill and said "I'm sorry you're leaving" Congress since she has not opted for re-election. He said that the move of Congress is actually "bad news for Joe Biden" since the former Vice President was "a big backer of the violence against women act" which was meant to "protect women." He hit on House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi for violating this very act they ushered in since her Twitter account uses the word "mother" and "grandmother."

"But what's it's interesting is that almost everybody now seating in the House of Representatives is violating this new rules and no one more flagrantly than a member of Congress and part-time preacher called Emanuel Cleaver who did this yesterday when he lead the House in prayer," Carlson cynically said.