The entire U.S. is currently reeling from the chaotic run up from the Nov. 3 Presidential elections to the Jan. 6 certification in Congress.

Those who are in support of President Donald Trump continue to hope that the elections will be overturned since there are tons of evidence pointing to it being stolen. Those who are against President Trump, on the other hand, are hard at work denying the existence of such evidence, and are hard at work bullying the President's supporters on the internet and on the streets.

That said, although Congress has already certified Joe Biden as the next President, there are so many questions that need to be answered before the issue can be finally laid to rest. As some have said, if there's no cheating at all and the Democrat candidate actually won with integrity, why wouldn't they allow the opposing campaign to audit the ballots?

Without looking at the massive evidence of voter fraud, there are still many reasons why people can question Joe Biden's "win." Here are some of them:

Objections being rejected

Not one but many Republicans expressed intentions objected to the electoral results in various states like Arizona and Pennslvania. Senators and Representatives like Senator Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley, Congressmen Paul Gosar, Ron Johnson, Andy Biggs, and Congresswoman Lauren Boebert objected to the electoral college certification, for example.

These objections, despite being backed by factual, logical assertions and evidence, were rejected. Why wouldn't Congress even try to look at the evidence presented?

Courts rejecting hearings and lawsuits

Earlier, various people tried to get different offices to hear out what they have to present as evidence of voter fraud.

Trump lawyers Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis went around presenting hundreds of witnesses who have signed sworn affidavits alleging voter fraud happened. Those who watched the hearings will find that there is substantial evidence of election cheating.

Texas also filed a lawsuit against other states due to voting irregularities. The Lone Star State was joined by more than 20 other states in its lawsuit filed at the Supreme Court. The highest Court in the country, however, shot down the lawsuit.

Giuliani hit the Supreme Court's cowardice, particularly that of Chief Justice John Roberts who made the choice not to hear the case due to fears of violence. Why would there be violence over hearings on voter fraud anyway?

Patriots harassed

There's also the fact that Americans who openly said they will challenge the election results were harassed or attacked for their stand.

Earlier, Sen. Josh Hawley reported that Antifa thugs went to his house in Washington D.C. to threaten him and prevent him from objecting to the electors' votes. The said thugs pounded their door, vandalized the place, and threatened his wife and newborn daughter who were there at the time.

Inventor Jovan Pulitzer, who got attention for his team's ability to review millions of ballots in a short span of time, also reported that one of his team members' home "took 5 shots through the windows in a drive by."

These two patriots only wanted voter fraud exposed and fraudulent votes challenged. Why the attack on them if Biden won fair and square?

They avoided the evidence

All of these are summed up what prominent California minister Mario Murillo beautifully said in his blog about what happened in the recent elections:

"The evidence of election fraud was never investigated. Not only today, but at no time since the beginning. Nobody was ever allowed to present the case. Every ruling down from every court has been the same: rejecting the case before the evidence was even presented, much less investigated."