Former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said, as per report, that "there is no evidence" President Joe Biden's Administration will confront China for declaring "war on the American worker".

Pompeo gave the warning on Friday's "Mornings With Maria" in Fox Business Network after Biden recently referred to China as a "competitor," Breitbart reported. Breitbart explained that Biden emphasized America's "'enormous' economic power to confront China." However, Pompeo retorted the matter during his interview with Fox Business.

"Mornings With Maria" host Dagen McDowell asked Pompeo on "how weak" was America on "China's threat" based on what Biden said. Breitbart quoted Pompeo in saying that what Biden said was nothing but "an empty promise."

"Dagen, if you listen to his rhetoric, we would be fine, but you and I both know this is likely to be an empty promise. There's no evidence in the record that this administration is prepared to truly confront China," Pompeo said.

Pompeo then elaborated that the use of the "language like competitor" could pertain to America's "friends and allies around the world. He explained that the United States compete with allies like Belgium and the United Kingdom." The issue with the Chinese Communist Party is something different, he said.

"The Chinese Communist Party has declared war on the American worker. They did this years ago. And President Trump was the first leader to take this on, and our administration went full throttle to push back against this adversary," he pointed out.

Pompeo added what he had been repeatedly saying about China stealing jobs and intellectual property from the United States.

"They want to steal your our jobs. They've stolen intellectual property. They're inside the gates conducting espionage here in the United States, even in the senior-most elements of our research institutes," Pompeo added. "This is a conflict that the Chinese Communist Party brought on us. And we need to use the enormous American economic power to confront it on every front."

Previously, experts raised skeptism over Biden's promises to stand up against China, especially after he gave a speech last February on foreign policy where he said "America is back" and stressed that "diplomacy is back at the center of foreign policy." Experts said this showed "Biden's ambivalence on China's "growing global influence."

Pompeo reacted negatively to Biden's remark on "America is back," raising whether it meant "to letting China walk all over" America or "to dissing allies and friends like Israel and treating terrorists in Iran like friends by giving them $150 billion in pallets of cash."

Pompeo actually warned in February against the "mishandling of China" by the Biden Administration as it will result to grave effects in the world. Pompeo gave the warning also in a Fox Business News' "Mornings With Maria."

In addition, Pompeo insisted that China "must continue to be confronted" a week after Biden took office. This pertains to China's ruling regime and their "propaganda to cover up the early stages of the spread of the 2019 novel coronavirus pandemic."