More election fraud evidence appeared recently, seemingly explaining why Democrats want President Donald Trump out fast, a report on Tuesday, Jan. 12 alleged.

"Democrats seem to come completely unhinged in the few days since Jan. 6th. They've engaged in an information war and called on big corporations to deplete money and resources from anyone who supports President Trump. With less than 10 days from the transition, why would the Democrats risk alienating so many Americans?" One America News Network Host Christina Bobb said at the beginning of her report.

Bobb revealed that these efforts of the Democrats were meant to take the public's attention away from the increasing accounts of fraud in the past November elections.

"It appears the Democrats are concerned the real facts about the election could take center stage and want to create a media frenzy on anything but the facts surrounding the election," Bobb highlighted.

As per OANN, data expert analysis and publicly available information have shown that over 1.5M fraudulent votes counted in Pennsylvania alone with a spread of less than 82,000 votes; over 330,000 electronic spikes from the voting machine; 205,000 over votes; 682,000 ballots illegally processed without any oversight whatsoever.

"These fraudulent votes come from dead voters, ballots that were received before they were supposedly mailed out," she stressed.

Bobb explained that over votes mean, in this particular case of Pennsylvania, there were 205,000 more votes than actual registered voters in the State.

"More than 1.5 million votes in Pennsylvania is apparently what it took Joe Biden to steal the state," Bobb declared.

OANN said that "Georgia has a similar phenomenon that Democrats are failing to account for". Specifically, these are 66,248 voters -- underaged voters voted in Georgia; 10,315 dead people voted; 2,560 convicted felons voted; nearly 200,000 votes were fraudulently inserted into the vote count instantaneously; 4,502 come from unregistered voters.

"These numbers show a clear pattern that a variety of types of fraud occurred in this election and that Democrats are desperately trying to cover it up. They are going to great lengths to change the narrative of the election fraud in an effort to run up the clock to Jan. 20th, 2021," Bobb explained.

"In addition to President Trump's team, many independent groups have completed research on the fraud and the results are staggering, totaling across the country millions of votes were fraudulently covered up, changed, or deleted in favor of Joe Biden," Bobb continued.

"The Governors and Secretaries of States have actively participated in the coverup, removing information from their website that is normally easily accessible to the public and depriving conservatives a chance to audit or review the results are just some of their tactics."

In Arizona, OANN revealed, records on election irregularities show that "the final result is only a difference of 10,457 yet 36,400 non-citizens voted in the State," and that a "50,000 additional votes going to Joe Biden" was experienced due to the "phantom spike from the voting machine."

"These numbers come from information that is publicly available whether from the Secretary of State's website before the content was removed or from the raw data that was pushed out on election night. These are conservative estimates and a forensic estimate would likely reveal that the numbers are much higher. Thus far the Secretaries of States and Governors have prevented true forensic audits," Bobb ended her report.