About Us

Christianity Daily’s main office is located in Los Angeles. Christianity Daily first started on January 23, 2004, in Los Angeles. Our English publication was launched in January 2014 in celebration of our 10th anniversary. With hard dedication, we’ve grown to be the leading Christian news source within the nation.

Christianity Daily is dedicated to present the biblical values of Christianity based on evangelical viewpoints to the people of the US churches. We also have been striving for mission through media that promote the spirit of unity, reconciliation and contribute to the development of Christian culture.

In the era of diversification in the 21st century, the absolute value standard is broken, and many people are wandering without knowing where to follow. At this time, we desire to be the tools of a mission to preach about Jesus Christ, who is 'the way, the truth, and the life' to many who do not know Christ.

Christianity Daily has been providing our best to spread the message of the Gospel. We will strive representing the truth before God and spreading the words that God wants us to convey with evangelical perspectives and a prophetic voice even more quickly, clearly, and accurately.

Email us at info@christianitydaily.com or christianitydaily@gmail.com