Commenting on a message on a cardboard that reads, "This is the U.S.A. There is no one coming to our rescue if things go sideways. No one will be resupplying us. No one will airdrop food, ammunition, medicine. There is no place to escape to for freedom. This is it," Murillo wrote that it's the stark reality.

He laid down six points to demonstrate his case.

1. "Joe Biden's second speech was the tipping point."

Murillo said Biden's speech has been full of misinformation - and that is the beginning. He added, the real evil was the way this "verbal disaster" was celebrated by the press.

"If you needed proof that they are trying to force the jaws of America open, and ram something down our throat, well, in the words on that cardboard sign, this is it," he said.

2. "The F.B.I. breaking into Giuliani's house, like Gestapo, is the proof of tyranny."

 Murillo noted that Ukraine was merely a flimsy pretext. He also noticed that they refused Rudy's request to give them Hunter Biden's hard disk. He continued by stating that the Justice Department is not searching for the truth; rather, they are looking for anybody who opposes the U.S. takeover.

"If you were in denial about our Justice Department and needed to swallow the red pill, this is it," he said.

3. "Critical Race Theory is Biden using your money to train our children to hate America."

 The California pastor said that there was a misconception about America's slave owning past. He claimed that the racist, political ideology of the "1619 Project" and "Critical Race Theory" were infiltrating the nation's classrooms, with the intent of indoctrinating young people with the false idea that America invented slavery.

He cited Larry Elder's words in defense of America not being the country that invented slavery: "Despite years of Black History Februarys, many know little to nothing about the vast role played by Arab and Muslim slavers in the African slave trade. The practice began centuries before European slavers bought and transported slaves out of Africa and continued well after European slavery ended."

4. "Why don't woke leftists care about ending this worldwide tyranny?"

Murillo wrote a straightforward "because all they care about is trying to destroy America."

"If ever you needed to vow to do whatever it takes to save our children, this is it," he affirmed.

5. "At this moment, the heart of God's remnant, and the heart of the American Patriot, have become one."

 Reiterating the words on the cardboard that formed the basis for his weekend blog, Murillo said that if Americans lose their freedom in their own country, there is nowhere for them to flee or run to.

 He also called those who believe that other countries can help them regain their independence - with food drops, care packages, and relief as "living in a fantasy world."

6. "Instead of a call to take a stand against the evil we are facing, I hear revivalists say we should not depend on politics and elections to save America."

 "To be a Christian means to oppose evil," says Mario Murillo, explaining why a Christian minister like him dabbles in American politics and elections in the hope of saving the nation's soul.

 He argues that "true revival becomes reformation."

From his perspective, revivalists and patriots act in tandem. He noted that Christian people respect Christians serving in the Armed Forces and their pledge to "shield America from both international and domestic enemies." However, it is hypocritical to criticize the American Christian citizen who is doing the same thing.

"If you have been waiting to get on the right side of the war-this is it," he concluded.