Evangelical Press Association Gave 4 Different Awards to The Christian Post

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Christian ministries, charitable organizations, and media companies from around the country participated in the recent Christian Media Convention of the Evangelical Press Association. The Christian Post reportedly won 4 Different Awards in the event.

The Christian Post Awards

As per Linked In, the Christian Post is the finest and most complete publication for country news worldwide. It covers current international and national issues, including those that affect and involve ministries, mission agencies, schools, corporations, Christian leaders, church bodies, and the general Christian public.

Recently, The Christian Post's Dr. Richard Land, executive editor, took second place in the Editorial category with his post titled "The Will Smith event: Why it matters." Land stated that the slap, which was witnessed by one billion people all over the world, was "shocking, painful, and inexcusable," which was something that Smith also agreed to. 

Their Audio series "Generation Indoctrination: Inside the Transgender Battle," which consists of ten episodes, came in second place in the category of Podcasts. This series was the reason for CP's first official event, "Unmasking Gender Ideology: Protecting Children, Confronting Transgenderism," which was collaborated with Summit Ministries and presented at First Baptist Dallas in March. Accompanying the program was a free related book titled "Exposing the Gender Lie." 

As mentioned, the first episode of "Generation Indoctrination" aired in October of 2017 and was hosted by Brandon Showalter, a social analyst for CP. The show analyzes the origins and influences of the transgender movement and its adverse effects on families. The series also gives parents hope and provides suggestions on how to assist their children battling with ambiguity regarding their sexuality. Later on in 2018, the second installment of the series will be made available. 

The article "Texas megachurch glorifies the incarnation in 'Gift of Christmas' extravaganza," written by Ian Giatti, was also awarded fourth place in the Critical Review category. The musical spectacle staged at Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, Texas, had a cast and choir consisting of about a thousand people, a live orchestra, zoo animals, and angels flying through the air. 

Giatti referred to the occasion as a visually magnificent presentation and suggestive of biblical themes. Moreover, Ryan Foley's interview with Enes Kanter Freedom earned him fourth place in the group of entries designated for Interview Articles. In the headline "NBA player Enes Kanter Freedom shares the cost of his human rights advocacy," the sportsman discusses the difficulties and persecution that his family has experienced in Turkey as a result of the policies of President Recep Tayyip Erdoan.

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Evangelical Press Association

The Evangelical Press Association is an association of professionals for Christian print and digital media such as periodicals, newspapers, newsletters, and content-driven websites. 

It is recognized as one of the world's most influential professional publishing associations. The organization's primary mission is to make it possible for its members to increase their professional standing in the community while also developing their personal networks.

When it comes to written, printed, and digital communications, Evangelical Press Association places significant emphasis on serving the kingdom of God. Members are dedicated to achieving the highest possible standards and work tirelessly to foster a thriving community that contributes to the growth of the publishing business.

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