Afghan Christian Woman Details Harrowing Deadly Assault From Taliban, Then Calls For Prayers For Their Salvation

Destroyed building in Kabol, Afghanistan

A Christian woman in Afghanistan shared a chilling encounter with the Taliban and requested for prayers that members of the militant group will come to know the Lord Jesus Christ.

The woman, whom CBN News simply called Maryam to protect her identity, told the news outlet that she only went to the bank to withdraw money when armed Taliban fighters confronted her and other women for going out without their male guardians.

"They told me and the women standing around me that they wanted to kill us all. They called us infidels, that we weren't Islamic enough and wanted to know why we had left our homes without our husbands."

The fighters then fired their guns into the air to disperse the women but they were able to find a place for refuge.

"God really protected us. The owner of the bank quickly opened the doors so we could rush in for safety," she shared.

Maryam is currently staying with 20 other believers at a house in Kabul, hiding from the fighters of the country's current government.

Though the assault has shaken her, she still hoped that the Taliban will come to know Jesus.

"I know that the Taliban are strict Islamic believers, but I'm asking Christians around the world to pray for the Taliban, that the Lord would touch their hearts and someday, they will know the real Kingdom of God and the real king of the world and that's Jesus."

Afghanistan is now ruled by the terrorists that America has been pursuing, such as Sirajuddin Haqqani, the minister of interior. Haqqani is on FBI's Most Wanted list with $10 million reward for information on his arrest.

Bradley Bowman, a senior director at Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD), stated that the Haqqani network, which is also led by the interior minister, is one of the world's murderous terrorist networks. Bowman described the nation's cabinet as something that "only Al Qaeda could love."

Further, the country abolished the Ministry of Women's Affairs and reinstated the Ministry of Virtue and Vice, a department which was responsible for heavily punishing women in public.

"The Ministry of Vice and Virtue has a horrific history and some of the worst atrocities under Taliban rule in the 90s can be traced back to that ministry and people associated with it. They are the ones that were responsible for putting women in soccer stadiums and stoning them to death," the FDD senior director said.

With the Taliban's return to power, the nation will also be resuming to its horrifying past under the Sharia law. With this system, which began in mid-1990s, the militant group ruled ruthlessly, wherein it reportedly massacred its opponents and denied the hungry citizens with food supplies from the United Nations. It also pushed women's oppression, forcing the wearing of burqas and forbidding them to work, travel or study.

Moreover, forms of entertainment such as music, films and other cultural influences were also banned.

The Taliban also revealed that they are looking for more than just putting Afghanistan under Sharia law.

During the takeover, a Taliban commander revealed their belief that "Islamic law will come not to just Afghanistan, but all over the world," adding that for this reason, "Jihad will not end until the last day."