Big Media Protecting Biden’s ‘Atrocious’ Leftist Economic Plans By Censoring Reports

The word "conspiracy" typewritten on a piece of paper

The three big media networks -ABC, CBC, and NBC news- are now protecting former Vice President Joe Biden's atrocious leftist economic plans by censoring negative reports on him particularly the survey results recently released by CNBC and Survey Monkey.

ABC, CBC, and NBC news are now going on all-out support of Biden by not reporting the negative results of the said survey in their evening program, reported Newsbusters.

Previously, the three shows were not covering news on President Donald Trump's good efforts. They were actually among the first to declare Biden's winning.

SurveyMonkey, a world-renowned provider of online surveys, tied up with media outfit CNBC and came out with the survey officially entitled, "CNBC|SurveyMonkey Small Business Index Q4 2020".

According to Newsbusters, the survey encompassed a seven-day period that started November 10 and ended November 17. The participants of the survey were 2,200 small business owners who were asked on their projections about the incoming administration of Biden.

Running for four years now, the results of the survey registered the highest negative impact responses especially on tax policy and regulation expectations in the next year.

Survey Monkey's Research Science Manager Laura Wronski revealed the results of the survey through an article she wrote on it that's posted on their company website.

"Main Street is skittish about the incoming Biden administration, with 55% of small business owners saying they expect Joe Biden's presidency to be bad for small businesses, versus 34% who expect it to be good for small businesses," wrote Wronski who is also a guest contributor of CNBC.

"In this latest quarterly CNBC|SurveyMonkey Small Business Confidence Survey, 49% of small business owners said they expect negative effects due to government regulations, 53% said they expect negative effects due to changes in tax policy, and 25% say they expect negative effects due to immigration policy," she continued.

Wronski emphasized that "more small business owners now than at any previous point in the last three years anticipate negative effects for their businesses as a result of changes to government regulations, tax policy, and immigration policy in the coming 12 months."

A highlight of the survey involved the drop in Small Business Confidence Index to 48 out of a possible 100.

Wronski explained that this drop actually coincided with the post-election shift in overall consumer confidence since a great portion of small business owners are Republicans.

Other interesting aspects of the survey include:

  • 18% of small business owners now say current business conditions are bad (down from 23% last quarter, down from 40% in the second quarter of this year)

  • 39% now say current conditions are good (an increase from 36% last month; down 56% from the first quarter of this year)

  • 23% say they expect their staff of full-time employees to increase in the next 12 months (only up by 2% from the last quarter)

  • 15% expect their headcount to further decrease (same with last quarter)

  • 45% of small business owners say they expect their revenue to increase in the next 12 months (1% increase from previous quarter)

  • 31% expect their revenue to stay the same (down by 2% from previous quarter)

  • 23% expect their revenue to decrease (3% increase from previous quarter)