China Aid President Bob Fu warns that China’s aim is to exterminate any independent faiths

China Aid President Bob Fu prays for revival in China
China Aid President Bob Fu prays for revival in China |

China Aid President, Bob Fu, urged gatherers at The Return: A Global Day of Prayer, an event that calls for everyone to return to God held on Sept. 26 in Washington, D.C. to pray for the Chinese Communist Party.

"I pray that you will make the Chinese church a mission-sending church in the 21st century instead of a mission-receiving church," Fu said. 

Fu also prayed for the faith of Uighur Muslims who are currently being wrongly detained in China in "reeducation camps."
"May you have mercy on them [and bring them to] repentance like the Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar, for their hearts, for their evil deeds, for unleashing the COVID-19 virus to the world, and for their continued persecution," Fu proclaimed. 

Previous to the September event, Fu shared that the Chinese Communist Party required all religious leaders in China to abide by the Communist Party's ideology before being allowed to practice their religion. In addition, Christian children are being compelled to sign a document that would eventually renounce their faith. 
"Clearly the aim is to exterminate any independent faiths," Fu warned.

Born and raised in mainland China, Bob Fu fought for freedom and democracy during the Tiananmen Square demonstrations in 1989. Fu now is the President of China Aid, an international human rights organization committed to exposing religious persecution by the Communist Party in China and promoting religious freedom in China.
"Dear Lord, you raise up or tear down nations always for your sovereign purpose," he said. "You have shown yourself repeatedly in the past 70 years under brutal socialism, communistic persecution," Fu prayed that God use this time of persecution to bring "revival."