Far-Left Group Targeting Those Who Spoke Out Against Critical Race Theory At Albemarle County, Virginia

students inside classroom

Virginia is slowly becoming ground-zero in the fight against critical race theory in classrooms. As more and more parents are taking action against it, supporters and activists are also picketing for it. In fact, a far-left group of extreme activists in Albemarle County, Virginia have rallied against citizens who spoke against critical race theory at a county school board meeting, urging those who are for it to confront detractors who they believe are "dangerous to our children."

According to Breitbart, the far-left group who calls themselves the Hate-Free Schools Coalition of Albemarle County (HFSC) posted a call to action on Facebook on June 10, wherein they named the individuals who spoke out during a school board meeting to oppose critical race theory or what they call "anti-racism and LQBTQIA+ inclusive curriculum."

In the call to action, the far-left group in Albemarle County urged their supporters and supporters of critical race theory to "call" and "meet with" the detractors of CRT to discuss why their opposition "is not in the best interest of our students." They were also quick to condemn detractors of critical race theory as people who are "dangerous to all children but in particular "LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC children" and urged them to "make decisions and set boundaries with them accordingly."

The most alarming part of the post is how the pro-CRT far-left group from Virginia issued a threat: "Racists can't hide."

But parents are fighting back as they witness the effects of critical race theory on young minds. One parent shared, "We are realizing that his school is pointing out the skin color differences amongst him and his friend. And in doing so, perhaps risks planting an idea in his non-racist, 12-year-old brain that he is somehow more privileged and dominant because of his white skin."

"And perhaps this is causing the exact harm that we as a school, a community, and a nation should be trying to prevent," the concerned parent lamented.

In Virginia, officials are reportedly downplaying the conflict between those who are for and against critical race theory in the classroom. But receipts show that the issue is far from downplayed behind closed doors. FOX News reported that a Loudoun County anti-CRT group called Fight for Schools PAC showed an invoice proving that the district's diversity consultancy billed the group for "Coaching support for LCPS (Loudoun County Public Schools) leaders - follow up meetings focused on Critical Race Theory Development May 2020" and "Culturally Responsive Teaching Framework Development, May-June 2020." Each had a price tag of up to $625 per hour for five hours, or $3,750.

Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) Superintendent Scott Ziegler argued for critical race theory in classrooms, saying that it is "not an effort to indoctrinate students and staff into a particular philosophy or theory. What they are is an effort to provide a welcoming, inclusive, affirming environment for all students."

CBS News reported that states are racing to ban critical race theory in schools. Idaho Governor Brad Little was the first Republican governor to pass a law that prohibits its teachings in school, while a handful more states are working to follow suit.