Fraudulent Votes Erase Biden’s Lead Over Trump In Battleground States

Trump targets African-American's vote two months before the election
Trump targets African-American's vote two months before the election "Make America Great Again" |

A report shows that based on the number of fraudulent votes in the recent US Elections, Biden is not the winner in six key states where the Democrats and the mainstream media are claiming victory.

According to an analysis of the number of fraudulent votes discovered in the six battleground states of Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, it's clear that Biden isn't the winner in the recent US elections, One America News Network's Pearson Sharp reported.

"No matter what you hear from the mainstream media, keep this one thing in mind: Joe Biden has not won the election," Sharp said.

Using a chalkboard with some words and figures written on it, Sharp began to explain how the number of fraudulent votes in each of these states scream an overwhelming defeat for the Democratic candidate who previously said he was running for the Senate, and an overwhelming victory for US President Donald Trump.

The anchor gave a quick breakdown of the number of fraudulent votes in Nevada, as based on the evidence found by the Trump legal team and others who looked into the issue, and used it as an example as to why it's clear Biden lost.

First, the Democrats claim that Biden won over Trump in Nevada with a 33,000 vote margin. While this is a good margin, Sharp said it's erased by the staggering number of fraudulent votes in the state:

  • 1,500 votes from dead voters,

  • 2,500 votes from those who changed addresses,

  • 6,000 votes from vacant addresses,

  • 8,000 votes from people who lived in places that do not exist,

  • 15,000 votes from those in commercial and vacant addresses,

  • 20,000 votes from those who registered out-of-state addresses,

  • 42,000 double votes.

Adding all of these fraudulent votes results in a total of more than 95,000 fraudulent votes, effectively erasing Biden's 33,000 vote lead in the state.

Sharp said that while it's unclear whether all of those 95,000 or so votes were for Trump or not, the truth is that Republicans and Democrats must look into the issue and prioritize protecting the integrity of the voting system.

Next, the anchor then took the time to present the same case for the five other states.

  • In Pennsylvania, Biden is said to lead by 81,000 votes. This is negated by over 121,000 fraudulent votes.

  • In Wisconsin, Biden is said to lead by 20,000 votes. This is erased by over 200,000 fraudulent votes.

  • In Arizona, Biden is said to lead by 10,000 votes. This is countered by more than 300,000 fraudulent votes.

  • In Michigan, Biden is said to lead by 154,000 ballots. This is erased by more than 548,000 fraudulent votes.

  • In Georgia, Biden is said to lead by 12,000 votes. This is negated by more than 504,000 fraudulent votes.

All of these fraudulent votes are summed up by combining the number of illegal ballots that trickled in during and after Nov. 3. These ballots simply indicate the massive and undeniable voter fraud that occurred in the recent elections.

The news anchor said mainstream media and Big Tech might try to censor the report, hide the facts, and say that the information being presented in the report is "disputed," just like how they do it in Facebook and Twitter, but "that doesn't matter," he said.

"The harder they try to cover up the facts, the more their desperation shows - which just proves one thing: they're scared the sham they've been perpetrating since November 3rd is going to come crashing down."