Media Played Key Role In Getting Abortion Legalized In America, Kevin And Sam Sorbo Say

Kevin Sorbo

A pair of Christian Hollywood stars shared their reactions about the "Roe v Wade" movie, revealing how the media played a big part in legalizing abortion in America.

Kevin and Sam Sorbo attended the movie premiere on Feb. 26 at the Hyatt Regency in Orlando, Florida. Speaking to The Christian Post, the couple explained the reason of their strong support for the film.

"I'm a pro-life person, just as my wife is. I've done a lot of pro-life speaking through the years as well. I'm here to support a movie that I wish I could have been in. I love what they did," Kevin began.

He added that he was surprised at some people's belief that killing "unborn babies" is "OK", pointing out that these are human lives. He also mentioned about the politicians' discussion on "killing babies the minute they're born," describing this occurrence in the country as "horrific and evil."

His wife, Sam, also spoke about her opinion on individuals supporting abortion.

"You can't be against slavery and for choice," she said.

The actress further shared about the movie.

"Media tells the story and stories are compelling and they're convicting. But they're also very convincing. You'll see in the movie, the media played the pivotal role in this whole saga, telling a lie, a story about a young woman that was an outright lie. Then perpetuating this myth that it's not a human being, that it's a clump of cells, that the young woman will never have to think about it again. All of these other stories that they tell, and none of which are true," she stated.

"I think it's incumbent upon new media to retell the story with truth and with facts," Sam continued.

The couple were also asked about the removal of Kevin's account on Facebook.

In earlier reports, Facebook banned the actor from the social media platform, claiming that he repeatedly shared "debunked claims about the coronavirus or vaccines."

"Facebook just took him down without ceremony, just digital assassination and then buried the body," the actress replied.

Kevin also responded by stating that people must "fight back," adding that "apathy is a big killer."

The actor concluded by saying that people must be a "little stronger" and raise their voice. He further pointed out that people on the "right" must "have the same strong passion" as the "left," but without the hate, anger and divisiveness.

"Roe v. Wade" was co-directed and co-produced by Nick Loeb, who also played as Dr. Nathamson, the main character. Other cast members include Hollywood stars Jon Voight, Corbin Bernsen, Robert Davi, Stacey Dash and John Schneider.

The film was illustrated in accordance with Dr. Bernard Nathamson's perspective, who performed more than 70,000 abortions. Realizing the human value of aborted babies, he would later stop from the practice and expose the deceptions behind the victory of Jane Roe's case in the Supreme Court.

 It was released in theaters nationwide on April 2.