Most people believe salvation is earned by being good

Salvation only comes through Jesus
The survey has found some Christians may think it takes one to be a good person to be saved |

The Culture Research Center in Arizona introduced a survey of 2,000 American adults who found that only two-thirds believe salvation is through Christ. The survey has found some Christians may think it takes one to be a good person to be saved.

Conducted by Dr. George Barna, The Arizona Christian University updates a report on Instagram, "only 4 out of 10 Americans (41%) believe that the bible is the word of God and it contains no factual or no historical errors."

"You consider yourself to be a Christian; and when you die you will go to Heaven only because you have confessed your sins and have accepted Jesus Christ as your savior."

Most Christians agreed with the statement, that the Evangelicals are 72% and the Pentecostals are 55%.

Some effectively believed, "if a person is generally good, or does enough good things during their life, they will "earn" a place in Heaven (48%)."

The report also states, "having faith matters more than which faith you have."

Dr. George Barna, who led the research believes the American churches need awakening. 

"Help the nation get back on track!"

"If you step back and look at the big picture painted by all of the outcomes in this research project it seems to suggest that people are in an 'anything goes' mindset when it comes to faith, morals, values, and lifestyle.

"Americans appear to be creating unique, highly customized worldviews based on feelings, experiences, and opportunities rather than working within the boundaries of a comprehensive, time-tested, consistent worldview."

Dr. Barna is often known as "the most quoted person in the Christian Church today."