Oxford professor John Lennox takes on new role as president of the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics

John Lennox
John Lennox |

Professor John Lennox, a highly respected mathematician and Christian apologist from the University of Oxford, has recently accepted the prestigious position of President at the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics (OCCA). 

In this new position, the 80-year-old Lennox has pledged to focus on mentoring and equipping the next generation of young Christians who feel called to engage with the world through the discipline of apologetics. 

Lennox is well-known for his public debates with prominent atheists such as Richard Dawkins, Peter Singer, and the late Christopher Hitchens, the latter of whom once conceded defeat after a debate with Lennox. 

The OCCA is a training body that offers a wide range of courses to help people grapple with the truths of following Jesus and how to effectively communicate and defend the Christian faith. As the new president, Lennox aims to play a key role in this important endeavor, drawing on his wealth of experience and expertise.

In a letter to his supporters, Lennox shared that although he and his wife, Sally, have faced some health challenges in recent years, they are both feeling refreshed and eager to continue their ministry. Lennox's appointment as the president of the OCCA is seen as both an honor and a humbling responsibility, as he looks forward to mentoring and equipping the next generation of evangelist-apologists.

Lennox has enjoyed an illustrious career, having authored numerous books that have helped the wider public understand the rational balance between faith and science. He is also an emeritus professor of mathematics at the University of Oxford and an emeritus fellow of Green Templeton College, Oxford University. 

Additionally, Lennox is a senior fellow of the Trinity Forum and has recently written a biblical exposition titled "Friend of God: The Inspiration of Abraham in an Age of Doubt." 

As a student at the University of Oxford, Lennox had the opportunity to witness firsthand the legendary C.S. Lewis giving a lecture, an experience he fondly recounts in vivid detail. Lennox's dedication to defending and communicating the Christian faith effectively is a testament to his lifelong commitment to apologetics and his desire to mentor the next generation of passionate believers.

One of the key offerings at the OCCA is the chance to spend one year immersed in world-class training in evangelism and apologetics. This program likely provides in-depth instruction and mentorship opportunities for aspiring Christian apologists.

Additionally, the OCCA has an "Apologetics Academy" online mentoring program that allows participants to interact one-on-one with leading Christian intellectuals as well as critics of Christianity. This program caters to both seasoned apologists and beginners, offering the chance to sharpen apologetics skills and engage in constructive dialogue.