Coming closer to Election Day, many evangelicals are concerned whether Bidden-Harris will take over the presidency this year or not. 

Although the outcome remains unknown, Christian reports state that Kamala Harris and Joe Biden will raise taxes, allow abortion, and demolish the 'Religious Freedom' act by removing religious works of literature slowly one by one. 

"Our freedoms are under assault, and under Trump, the DOJ is pushing back. Under Biden-Harris, the pushback would be in the opposite direction-against the churches, not for them."

"In California, you can protest on the streets in large numbers, but you can't hold a group Bible study in your home. You can shout at a BLM rally, but you can't sing in a church service. In Nevada, you can operate a casino at 50 percent capacity, but if your church building seats 3,000 people, you can't have more than 50 in attendance." 

"During the COVID lockdown, we have seen the extreme inequities in certain Democratic cities and states, where abortion clinics and liquor stores remain open, providing so-called "essential services," while churches and synagogues remain restricted. Yet outrageous rulings like this - they truly are outrageous - would have increasing court backing with a Biden-Harris victory." 

When Kamala Harris was announced to be the running mate of Biden, she was first spotted joining with Planned Parenthood and it came to national attention when they posted undercover videos confirming that Planned Parenthood clinics were selling aborted baby parts for profit. 

"With a Democratic Congress and a packed Supreme Court, who will be there to stand up for our kids and grandkids?" 

On the other hand, believers express that Trump sincerely cares about babies' lives, biblical views, and religious freedom. Biden also mentioned that 'Islamic' should be taught more in school but not Christianity.