A report claims that some of the leading coup experts have been training the left ahead of the US elections to prepare for what it calls a "grab of power."

Left-wing groups have been preparing for a coup in the event that things don't go their way during the US election, right-wing news site Breitbart reported. They are currently being trained by some coup experts "under the guise of preventing a coup," the report said.

The coup experts - people who have had experienced assisting in the overthrowing of some governments around the world - collected their resources and made it available via a site called "Choose Democracy," Breitbart said.

On its homepage, Choose Democracy tells audiences that coups only work when people honor them, and that it's possible to "delegitimize" coups by "demonstrating, resisting orders, and shutting down the country until democracy prevails.

The site provides links to a variety of resources and training materials, all of them designed to "instruct far-left groups ... in toppling a government," Breitbart said.

It also encourages average Americans to take action and make a pledge to "nonviolently" take to the streets if "a coup is attempted." Furthermore, it urges citizens to make a commitment to "shut down this country to protect the integrity of the democratic process."

What coup?

The website, in its pages and linked resources, uses words indicating that any potential chaos that might happen during and after the US elections can and should be blamed on the current US President, members of the right, as well as law enforcement agencies, Breitbart noted.

One of the resources the site links to includes a 7-point "game plan" designed to stop a "Trump-led coup."

Another resource, titled "Hold the Line: A Guide to Defending Democracy," is designed to urge people to help ensure a successful election period, but it talks about "possible scenarios" where Trump could cross what the group defines as "red lines." There are three scenarios, and all of them paint a picture of Trump illegally holding on to the Presidency.

This guide cites a paper from the Transition Integrity Project (TIP), which is known for its very strong anti-Trump stance. Breitbart noted that TIP, formed in 2019, is comprised by more than 100 experts and officials - a majority of which are Democrats and anti-Trump Republicans.

According to the TIP's paper, there is a "high degree of likelihood" that the November US elections will be characterized by a "chaotic legal and political landscape." Furthermore, the paper also claims that Trump will hold onto power using "legal and extra-legal" methods.

Basically, the website and its resources all claim that US President Trump will lead a coup to stay in power. The abovementioned guide warns that potential violence will come "solely" from the President and his supporters, Breitbart said.

According to Choose Democracy, it is directed by the following:

  • Daniel Hunter, a 39-year-old father who was "worried the President might be unwilling to concede under any circumstances and may try to hold onto power." He is an expert in "nonviolent resistance" and is responsible for recruiting people into the group. He penned the 7-point game plan mentioned above.

  • George Lakey, an 82-year-old who is known for "A Manual for Direct Action," which is also referred to as the civil-rights movement's bible, Breitbart noted. He has years of experience in training activists in different countries.

  • Jenny Marienau Zimmer, a climate justice manager for climate justice organization 350.org, works on recruiting more people for Choose Democracy. This new parent was motivated by one of Hunter's writings to join.