Author, activist and human rights worker Jason Scott Jones calls for believers to stop patronizing products from China on account of the plight of slave workers in China's concentration camps.

In his article on The Stream, he said that there were reports from China exposing numerous ill treatments of workers including "torture, rape, forced abortions and sterilizations, organ harvesting, and summary execution."

Amelia Pang, an investigative journalist, did an undercover report on China's labor camps. In her January interview about Contemporary China, Pang revealed that Chinese companies would often stage false audits on factories to give the outside world an impression that they're slave-free.

But a drone captured video of shackled workers belied China's claims. The video was released by The Guardian. These prisoners' mass-produced products in China are widely sold in Western countries including the U.S.

China's Communist Government Tightens their Control

To secure their reign, the communist government carried out acts of terror against Christians and Muslims. Since 1948, Christians experienced church bans and other forms of oppression. The Vatican's recent alliance with the CPP, by virtue of being instrumental to Pope Francis' social reform doctrine, added insult to injury.

Cardinal Joseph Zen said that it was "an incredible betrayal" because "a church enslaved by the government is no real Catholic Church."

In the latter years, indigenous Uyghurs and those of Turkish descent were held in concentration camps in Xinjiang. Reports say that they were "subjected to forced labor, mandated to produce goods that are exported worldwide, including to the United States."

They also "face rape, sexual and physical violence, torture, organ harvesting and summary execution."

Organ harvesting from prisoners of conscience is also a lucrative business for China's communist party. The Daily Mail covered the documentary released by human rights lawyer David Matas and former Canadian member of parliament David Kilgour on China's organ trafficking.

It's for these reasons that Jones pleads for believers to "wake up." He said that "many 'Woke' multinational corporations have integrated forced Uyghur labor into their supply chains, specifically because it's cheap."

Jones also shared his horrific discovery when he rounded bookstores. He said that many of the articles and religious products he saw were made from China.

"As a Christian, I am appalled that so many articles I find in church-run bookstores are made in China," he wrote.

He further stated that Christians should not help in lining up the pockets of oppressors. He claims that Catholic and Protestant owned bookstores don't ask questions and just "blithely sell" these slave-made products.

"If you run, or work in, or shop in a religious articles/church bookstore, I'm begging you to do one simple thing. Look into where the goods come from. If they come from China, you cannot be sure they weren't made by slaves. What a mockery of God, to use the sweat of believers - Christian or otherwise - forced to work by an atheist tyranny. Why should churches whose own believers are persecuted by the Chinese government help fill its coffers with blood money?" Jones added.