A Christian comedian revealed that the support of his fans has helped him face challenges during therapy.

John Crist, a pastor's son who rose to fame for comedy, was exposed to have sexually harassed numerous women for years. In a letter to Charisma News in 2019, Crist confessed to have behaved in a manner that was "destructive and sinful" to women. He also said that he was receiving professional treatment with his sexual addiction for a few years already.

Church Leaders said that Crist returned to Grand Ole Opry on Saturday. He then posted a segment on Instagram after his performance, detailing his experience during therapy.

"About 16 months ago, I really was going to end my life. I remember specifically this story. I was in rehab, out in the desert in Arizona, and I was so sad and I was full of so much shame. I didn't want to participate in the recovery process or try to get better or anything," he said.

He further stated that he told his therapist of wanting to just go to bars, bring women home and kill himself after losing all his money.

He acknowledged his mistake for what happened, saying that that it was due to his "horrific choices" and took full responsibility for it.

"I wouldn't wish what happened to me on my worst enemy. The only thing worse than what happened to me, is if it would have never happened to me," he continued.

Crist admitted that he still makes "tons of horrific choices" though.

He said to be celebrating 17 months of sobriety and called it a miracle.

Further, he shared his fear of being "cancelled" again, hesitating to tell about his story.

 He concluded by appreciating his fans for their prayers, letters and love that helped him get through with his dark situation.

"All I wanted to know when I was in the darkest place is that I wasn't alone. If I can do anything to pass that on to someone else. I don't want to exaggerate this. In some type of way, you kept me on earth with your prayers, and your letters and your love. And I would regret if I didn't stay on the path to recovery and try to do the same for you all," he said.

Crist was born in Atlanta, Georgia in March 1984. He completed a journalism degree in Samford University. He then relocated to Colorado to perform at comedy night clubs, restaurants and casinos.

He also joined various comedy competitions such as Improv's "Got Laughs Competition," "The Loonees Comedy Competition" and "Up Next Comedy."

He moved to Los Angeles in 2014 for better opportunities, where he released a DVD, "I Got Questions", in 2015. He also released a video titled "Christian Music: How It's Made" which went viral, making him a household name. His popularity led him into touring the country and abroad.

But in 2019, he cancelled his "Immature Thoughts Tour" in United States following the revelation of his sexual misconduct.

Crist claims to have gained 1 billion video views from his millions of social media fans.