Sean Feucht's revival gatherings had made a strong impression to many who were in distress. They were encouraged to let go of their struggles and find solace in the Holy Spirit.

Numerous lives have been "saved, healed, and delivered" during Feucht's "Let Us Worship" campaign, reports CBN News. The faith leader and his team seek to revive the discouraged on the verge of abandoning God.

On Friday, thousands of worshippers crowded into a tent in Springfield, Missouri to sing and pray with Feucht and his band.

"We have thousands of people already under this tent, what a wild time to be alive. So much hunger. God's moving in this nation, in this state. This is the season of revival," announced Feucht on his Twitter post.

In a follow up post, Feucht said that vehicles were lining up to join the event but were unable to do so due to a lack of available parking.

"We've got a little bit of a problem...this is a good problem though but it shows you the hunger in America. All these cars - we got no room for them and we've got no room for any more people in that tent. But that's what we want to see...Hunger! People have been here for the last two hours, waiting to press into the presence of God," he said in a video.

Eventually the event started. It was emotionally charged when one after the other, men and women of all ages felt that they were freed from what's ailing them. Worshippers also flung their vices on the floor, raised their hands to Heaven, and begged for deliverance.

As seen in the video post for the event, dozens also rushed down to the altar to pledge their lives to Jesus Christ, claiming that He is the Lord and Savior that has the power to cleanse and make them new.