The assassination of Haiti President Jovenel Moïse was reportedly being blamed on a Florida-based Pastor who is being "framed" according to witnesses.

As per The Christian Post, many people have attested that the 62-year-old native of Haiti, Pastor Christian Emmanuel Sanon is being framed for the assassination of Moïse. Sanon, who is also a medical doctor and who has launched a campaign to reform his country, was known as a peaceful person and is not capable of engaging in such violence.

The Haitian police has named Sanon as one of the key suspects of the assassination on the basis that he flew into the country on "a private jet" last june with "political motives," particularly "with the intention of taking the Haitian Presidency." Sanon, who has lived in the United States since the 1970s, was one of those arrested last Tuesday by local authorities near the residence of Haiti's acting Prime Minister Claude Joseph in Port-au-Prince.

The police were able to confiscate 24 unused shooting targets, ammunition, holsters for pistols and rifles, a cap labeled "DEA," and four Dominican Republic license plates that Sanon said had no idea were actually there.

Sanon also said he had no knowledge of the assassination and that the building they arrested him from did not belong to him. These were presented to the media along with the suspects by the police. Sanon was arrested with another Haitian-American and 26 Colombians that the police referred to as "foreign mercenaries."

As per The Christian Post, Sanon's brothers, Jean and Joseph, were the first to decry the accusations on his involvement with the president's assassination. Jean said that Sanon is obviously "being framed" while Joseph raised the need for the "truth to come out."

"It would be good for the truth to come out. It would be good for there to be more information to know exactly what's going on. We are praying, asking the Lord to show us. I want to know the truth. I'm desperate to know it," Joseph told the Daily Mail.

Florida Pastor Rev. Larry Caldwell and Florida's Broward College Professor Parnel Duverger also do not believe the allegations against Sanon since they say it is contrary to his character. The New York Times also pointed out that Sanon filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2013, making him really incapable of funding mercenaries.

"I know the character of the man. You take a man like that and you're then going to say he participated in a brutal crime of murder, knowing that being associated with that would send him to the pits of hell?" Caldwell said.

"If there was one man who would be willing to stand in the breach to help his country, it would be Christian," he added.

Duverger, who had the chance to meet with Sanon several times on the future government of Haiti said in an interview with New York Times that the pastor was an unlikely assassin.

"At the time of the meetings he was, we all believed, going to become a prime minister. I keep asking myself, there must be something wrong with me for being so naïve. I believed him. I believed that because I believed a new transitional government was needed in Haiti," Duverger disclosed.

Sanon's campaign website was said to contain a call for the removal of the assassinated president who is believed to have led Haiti away from a democracy into an authoritative state. Moïse was said to fight opposition through the use of local gangs.

However, the Daily Mail said Sanon launched two websites in line with his campaign to oust Moïse. The first website was launched in February 2011 and entitled "Dr. Christian Sanon Leadership pour Haiti" that was online until 2016. The said website was a fund raising portal to build clinics in Haiti due to the devastation brought by the 2010 earthquake.

The second website, Haitianlivesmatter, explicitly "called for the ouster" of the assassinated president. Both websites allegedly displayed Sanon's "ambition" to relieve Haiti from its poverty.

The Daily Mail also cited a letter Sanon sent to the United State Department Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs Acting Assistant Secretary Julie Chung signed by "The People of Haiti" that highlighted the country's loss of democracy due Moïse's authoritarian regime.

In the letter, Sanon told Chung that Moïse intends to enact a new Constitution that, if enacted, would only cause a "pandemonium" in Haiti. He raised the need that "something must be done soon" as "time is running out," especially in the face of Haitians believing that no "fair" election would be organized by the "current administration" and only "compound the current crisis." He said this is proof that there is a need for a "transitional government" in Haiti to "restore" democracy and freedom.

The Daily Mail said Sanon's letter included a "decree" that proves he was picked to be "interim leader" for Haiti based on his background in leadership. The decree stipulates that Sanon would serve Haiti for three years while the country is being rebuilt for "fair democratic elections."