The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) appears to be targeting Chrsitian parents by hindering their children's education if they continue their religious practices. The communist regime is reportedly using innocent children to monitor their parents to keep them in check.

The International Christian Concern (ICC) reported that Todd Nettleton of The Voice of the Martyrs USA blew the whistle on how authorities of communist China are targeting Christian children to keep their parents under heavy surveillance. CPP authorities are also threatening Christian parents that their children may not be allowed to pursue higher education if they continue with their religious activities.

"I [spoke] earlier this week with one of my coworkers who has been involved in China for decades...he talked about how children are being used against their Christian parents, and that's happening in several different ways," Nettleton said, as reported by Mission Network News.

"Children are being used, essentially, as spies against their parents," Nettleton, who is a spokesman for the Pastor Richard Wurmbrand-founded nonprofit, interdenominational missions organization that advocates for persecuted Christians globally, explained. "On the other end of the spectrum, parents who attend church are threatened with their children's education."

Christian parents in communist China are often worried that their children will be exposed to brainwashing with CCP propaganda in school and have decided to homeschool their children or send them to schools run by Christian organizations. But CCP authorities consider these religious schools as illegal and resort to raiding and shutting them down as part of its overall control on Chinese citizens, especially religious minorities.

In fact, CCP authorities have already cracked down on children's educational materials, even at home. In June, Chinese parents whose kids entered Chengde Primary School were told to "conduct a thorough search for religious books, reactionary books, homegrown reprints or photocopies of books published overseas, and for any books or audio and video content not officially printed and distributed by Xinhua Bookstore," Radio Free Asia reported.

Communist China also appears to be tightening its grip on education for Chinese children. A new report from Radio Free Asia reveals that on June 15, the CCP Ministry of Education established a new department to "monitor off-campus education and training provision, to implement 'reforms to the off-campus education and training sector.'"

The CCP's State Administration for Market Regulation also announced on June 1 that it shall be "rectifying" tutoring services from Tencent and Alibaba and fined them about U.S. $5.73 million for regulatory violations. Communist China's crackdown on tutoring to further control material that is being taught to young Chinese children will also come with "changes to private education, with a directive ordering private schools run by prestigious public schools for profit to nationalize within two years."

Communist China recently established a three-child rule in an attempt to address an aging population, a detriment to its plans of competing with the West to be a global superpower. However, Chinese citizens pushed back, decrying high costs of living and tuition fees. A recent poll posted by the official Xinhua news agency on its official Weibo social media platform showed that up to 29,000 out of 31,000 respondents were not interested in having more children.