A former foster child from Ohio gave glory to God in social media for being crowned Mrs. Universe 2022.

The Christian Headlines said Victoria Petersen, crowned Mrs. Universe 2022 last July 23, posted in her Facebook account praising God for winning the title.

Petersen, who is also known as Tori Hope and whose given name at birth was Victoria Abdul, is one of the Mrs Deleagate 2021 in the said competition that was held on July 17-23 at Las Vegas Nevada. She came to the event as Mrs. Minnesota Universe along with six other delegates: Mrs. Florida Universe Kelly Pickens, Mrs. Canada Universe Charlene Jones, Mrs. California Universe Lynelle Marcos, Mrs. Ohio Universe Stephanie Drayton, Mrs. Tennessee Universe Jaclyn Stapp, and Mrs. Ukraine Universe Ilona Nesterova. Mrs. Universe 2021 Shannon Ford, formerly Mrs. Florida, turned over the crown to Petersen.

"Glory be to God forever and ever. Amen. Mrs. Universe 2022," Petersen said in her post that included photos of her coronation. Her face showing the mixture of her emotions.

Prior to going to the coronation, Peterson also spoke of her faith as the reason for participating in the pageant. She expressed hopes that God may be glorified by what she is doing and aims to promote orphans, which is part of her advocacy being one herself previously. She quoted Biblical verses Romans 15:12, which speaks of "strength is for service," and 1 Chronicles 29:11, which exults God and his "greatness."

"I'm honored to represent Minnesota as I head to the Mrs. Universe pageant. My hope is that my message compels people to serve the orphan and the widow, and foster youth are inspired to know who they are and Whose they are," Petersen announced last July 16.

"My heart is that God be mightily glorified," she added.

In a November 2019 interview with The Crescent-News, Petersen revealed she was "a permanent part of the foster care system" until she became 18 and had to graduate from it. Petersen made sure she had good grades in school, avoided drugs, and engaged herself in running because it was the only thing she can do out of the foster home.

The Christian Headlines added that Peterson was put in a foster home by her mom who "conceived" her "out of abuse." Petersen expressed gratefulness to her mom for not aborting her and this is pivotal to her "passionately advocating to eliminate the suffering of those in the womb and in foster care."

The Crescent News added that Petersen met track coach Scott Wichman when she was a sophomore and had no idea how he would change her life in the future--winning the state running championship several times. Petersen describes Wichman as one who should be taken "seriously" and who "commanded instant respect."

"When I met Scott. I was just running track because academics and running were the only things I was good at, and the two things I was allowed to do outside of my foster home," Petersen said.

"I respected Scott and took him seriously because he respected himself and took his work seriously. And because he was a decent man. I didn't have a lot of decent men in my life, but I had no idea he'd impact my life like he did," she added.

The Crescent-News highlighted that besides Wichman, Petersen has two other people she thanks for the triumphs in her life: Jesus Christ and herself.