"The Chosen" television series is now available with more languages to cater to more people in different locations.

According to CBN News, the first season of the series can now be viewed with subtitles in more than 90 languages. The dubbed version of the show can also be streamed in seven languages.

Executive Producer Derral Eves shared that the move aims to reach a billion people.

"We're going to get it out to a billion people, and we won't stop at anything until Jesus comes. That's the only thing that will stop us - if Jesus comes," he said.

This vision prompted the creation of an application that would be available to anyone in almost all countries.

Produced through crowdfunding, Eves disclosed to the National Catholic Register that raising money for Season 1 was difficult. However, when more people started to appreciate the show, they did not just share it with others but also contributed.

 The producer shared that "The Chosen's" current success drove interest from a lot of people who want to be part of it. But he pointed out that they plan to create the show the way they want, not influenced by the people who fund it, as other faith-based filmmakers did before that led to their failure.

People who are working on the series are of various beliefs. Director Dallas Jenkins is an evangelical Protestant, while Jonathan Roumie, who played Jesus, is a Catholic. The biblical consultants also belong to different faith backgrounds, including a rabbi, a Protestant theologian and a Catholic priest.

Eves said that the show focuses on the life of Jesus rather than theology, which makes it enjoyable for everyone to watch, regardless of their beliefs.

"That's what I love. This message is for everyone. It's not trying to put your theology over somebody else's theology. We are just focusing in on Jesus," he said.

"The whole purpose of the show is to have people experience an authentic Jesus," Eves told The Daily Universe.

Jenkins reminded the viewers that the show should not be equated or taken as a substitute to the Bible.

"...we make it very clear as often as possible, this is not the Bible. And I am not God. And Jonathan, who plays Jesus is not Jesus. And we say that not to try to diminish our responsibility to be faithful to God's Word and to the character intentions of Jesus in the Gospels. But we don't want people to be thinking, 'Wait a minute, you didn't include that story? I needed that story.' No, you can go to the Bible for that," he stated.

He added that though he is trying his best to honor the character of Jesus in accordance with the Scripture, the director said that he is merely a human being who is "flawed" and "sinful".

Further, he stressed that the show only aims to point people closer to Jesus and His Word.

The Angel Studios is currently raising funds for the Season 3 of the series, and has already raised 56% of its $100 million goal.