A fertility institute was recently launched by a renowned family planning organization based in Ohio in celebration of its golden anniversary.

Live Action News reported that Couple to Couple League, America's oldest and largest natural family planning organization, has launched the Fertility Science Institute to expand its reach on fertility issues and anyone curious on it.

Couple to Couple League, whose international scope specializes on teaching fertility awareness or natural family planning to engaged and married couples, helps Christians avoid the risks that come from hormonal birth controls and other forms of contraception.

As per Couple to Couple League, the Fertility Science Institute is a "one-of-a-kind platform that provides scientifically-based resources to millions of Fertility Awareness-Based Method users seeking ongoing support and education through a lifetime of fertility."

The institute includes courses and resources for engaged couples on the use of the Natural Family Planning method, as well as, other resources for women who are struggling with irregular infertility, couples new to Fertility Awareness-Based Method, perimenopausal women, young adults, and postpartum moms. In addition, these resources are provided to couples at their own pace and are ensured of accurate, easy-to-reach information and support they need. The said information and support comes from medical partners and knowledgeable coaches on FABM.

Couple to Couple League Executive Director Katie Zulanas said that the Fertility Science Institute intends to create a "new narrative" that actually raises the "innate dignity" of women and mean in contrast to the story that has been woven in the past decades by "Big Pharma."

"After 50 years of Big Pharma promoting a very damaging narrative, the Fertility Science

Institute allows us to both use our 50 years of scientifically-based fertility awareness training and

resources to bring to life a new narrative which supports the innate dignity of women and men," Zulanas remarked in a statement.

"CCL has a history of updating their training methods and FSI, as an online institute, is our latest update to take advantage of online resources as we step up to meet the tremendous need for trusted help," she added.

Zulanas explained that Big Pharma has created a culture wherein women were made to believe "that fertility is a disease" such that it is "something that gets in the way of their happiness and ability to live as they desire." This false narrative CCL intends to confront directly by giving families the tools they need to educate them on the truth while enabling them to teach the next generation on "the gift of fertility and God's plan for marriage and family life."

More importantly, Zulanas said the Fertility Institute will help couples truly leave out their vocation in marriage at its every stage not only as an authority on the subject of fertility but also to truly help them appreciate their God-given calling.

"The FSI has formalized the support CCL has provided to its members throughout each stage of

life to allow them to confidently live out their vocation of marriage. We hope our work, along with

our partners, will allow us to assert our authority and become the trusted source to learn about fertility, ultimately helping others understand how we are beautifully and wonderfully made in the image and likeness of God," Zulanas stressed.