A liberal group based in New Jersey reportedly withdrew support for a Democrat just because they discovered he's pro-life.

The Christian Headlines said NJ 11th for Change withdrew support for Morris County Commissioner Democratic Candidate Aaron Oliver after learning that the latter opposes abortion on demand. Oliver initially received NJ 11th for Change's endorsement alongside Democrats for Life of America, which is a pro-life group. NJ 11th for Change is an organization that supports New Jersey's 11th Congressional District's liberal candidates and causes.

As per New Jersey Globe, NJ 11th for Change withdrew support for Oliver on Wednesday after they saw a video of Oliver speaking at a Democrats for Life of America event last December. Seeing the video made them realize that Oliver was "actually a vocal anti-choice activist."

NJ 11th for Change Co-Executive Directors Leslie Bockol and Mara Novak explained in an interview with New Jersey Globe that they withdrew support for Oliver because he did not "disclose" his pro-life beliefs.

Bockol and Novak pointed out that continuously supporting him would be "a betrayal" of the values of their members who are pro-choice, which they said differ fro Oliver's definition of what "pro-women" and "feminist" are. Accordingly, Oliver indicated he supports the said values in the NJ 11th for Change form, which are similarly supported by pro-lifers but on a different context.

"Oliver did not initially disclose to his running mates that he is anti-choice and later was not forthright that he is intent on advancing those beliefs legislatively, having urged people to call their legislators to lobby against New Jersey's Reproductive Freedom Act," Bockol and Novak said.

"Given the revelation that Oliver's position is far removed from what most of us would consider 'pro-woman' or 'feminist,' we feel strongly that continuing to endorse this candidate would be a betrayal of our members' values, which are and have always been overwhelmingly pro-choice," the two officials stressed.

"Moreover, Oliver's lack of transparency with his team and running mates, and then with us, is antithetical to our organization's core values," they added.

NJ 11th for Change has not withdrawn support for T.C. McCourt and Dina Mikulka, who are Oliver's running mates. The liberal organization said they retained support for the two candidates since they don't "share Oliver's anti-choice beliefs."

However, NJ 11th for Change's withdrawal of support came after many voters from Morris County have already mailed-in their ballots and only three days before the start of the early voting.

Oliver, a New Jersey Army National Guard, announced running for the post of Morris County Commissioner back in April. He previously served the army for 17 years before becoming a combat veteran and a NJARNG COVID Relief Mission last 2020.

As such, Oliver's campaign focuses on veteran issues, as well as, bridge the gap between the county and its residents. He hopes that being a part of the Board of County Commissioners would bring the much needed change to Morris County, which have not had an incumbent Democrat for fifty years.