Christian artist Lauren Daigle called for believers to pray for courage to be able to make a stand in the face of adversity and persecution.

Speaking to The Christian Post, Daigle remembered her prayer in high school, wherein she asked God for boldness.

"I was like, God,' I want a backbone of boldness. Give me some sort of boldness to where I can stand up for people who need to be stood up for, and where even when my peers are persecuting me, I can still make a stand,'" she said.

She went on to say that God is willing to give people courage if they asked Him to.

"And if you ask God for that courage, He will give it to you. He will give you boldness; He will give you courage."

"Just know you're not the only one doing it. It will feel like, in the moment that you're the only one making a stand. But you're not the only one making a stand. There are others around you. And we've got your back," she continued.

In facing persecution, the singer disclosed that she is reminded by the passage in Matthew 5:10.

To share the Gospel, Daigle introduces God as Someone Who is kind and patient. She explained that making people understand that the LORD is gentle allows them to be more open to the Word of God, which she said is one way to tell others about Jesus.

The singer then emphasized the relevance of Christian artists' influence in inspiring hope to people.

"... So if we can tap into that in our writing and our lyricism and in our melodies, then we'll have a song that the world can cling to," she further stated.

 In a conversation with the artist for a podcast last year, Sadie Robertson Huff spoke about her encounter with Daigle at the Dove Awards ceremony. The star confessed that she was inspired with the singer's action of worshiping freely.

The latter responded that she worships "like crazy" just because she loves the LORD.

The artist shared that the change caused by the pandemic has got her on her knees, asking God for His plans for her life. She then revealed that while battling an illness in high school, the LORD had already revealed her destiny through visions that she will become a musician.

She pointed out that in times of difficulty, it is a person's responsibility to keep a positive perspective.

To apply such view during the pandemic, she used the time by reaching out to her long lost friends to pray and study the Bible together.

Holding God's promise in Romans 8:28, she said that she strives to enjoy every moment regardless of circumstances.

Daigle performed her chart-topping single, "Hold On To Me," at the recent Dove Awards 2021. During the night, her song was nominated for "Short Form Music Video" and "Pop/Contemporary Recorded Song." The track "A Place Called Earth," which features the singer, was also nominated for Rock/Contemporary Recorded Song. In addition, she became a nominee for Artist of the Year.

Daigle is set for a three-day "BEHOLD: A Christmas Tour" in December, visiting Durham in North Carolina, Chattanooga in Tennessee and Jacksonville in Florida.