"The Chosen" Christmas-Themed special reportedly breaks sales records even though it is yet to be released on December 1 and 2 in cinemas.

The Christian Headlines said "Christmas With The The Chosen: The Messengers" has shattered the movie distributor's sales records less than a full day after tickets were made available. Fathom Events, the film's distributor, made the announcement on the record-breaking sales Friday, October 29.

In a statement, Fathom Events stressed the record breaking sale punctuates "the global phenomenon of "The Chosen." The "Christmas With The Chosen: The Messengers" is said to be "the first of the franchise to be seen in cinemas nationwide via Fathom Events."

Ray Nutt, Fathom Events Chief Executive Officer, said the movie is set to premiere in more than a thousand theaters located in at least 400 locations in the United States.

"Christmas With The Chosen: The Messengers broke Fathom Events' record with $1.5 million in sales in the first 12 hours. Originally slated to premiere in 1079 theaters, we've already added 450+ locations and thousands of screens to satisfy demand and anticipate these numbers will continue to grow," Nutt said.

"Christmas With The Chosen: The Messengers will be the Christmas event of 2021, and we are elated to bring it to the big screen so it may be seen by audiences nationwide," he added.

"The Chosen" TV Series Creator-Director-Writer Dallas Jenkins announced in a simultaneous multi-platform social media livestream event on Tuesday, October 26, that they will be coming out with a new episode that they filmed in secret.

Jenkins explained that the new episode of The Chosen TV Series-- "Christmas With The Chosen: The Messengers"--is also a sequel to the first Christmas Special aired online last year: "The Shepherd-A Story Of The First Christmas."

Jenkins stressed that the movie will initially be made available only in theaters in the United States but, like the TV series, will be made available to all some time in the future. His announcement came with a preview of "Christmas With The Chosen: The Messengers" official trailer before he opened the pre-selling of the tickets at the TheChosen.tv/Christmas website. Updates on the movie will also be posted there.

In addition, Jenkins revealed that the aim behind having another Christmas-themed episode for The Chosen is to put fans together for the first time to watch their favorite series on the big screen.

"When we decided to do a special Christmas episode, we knew it would be the ideal moment to get this on the big screen. It's the first chance Chosen fans have had to gather all over the country, so we intend to make it worth it. And with all the incredible musicians assembled, this is a perfect event for inviting friends," Jenkins disclosed in a statement.

"Christmas With The Chosen: The Messengers" retells the story of the first Christmas through the eyes of Mary and Joseph, who are played by the same cast in the first Christmas special. On the other hand, the first Christmas special was told through the eyes of one of the shepherds who visited Christ in the manger.

Besides this difference, the "Christmas With The Chosen: The Messengers" features actors from "The Chosen" series being a new episode. The movie will also highlight various Christmas songs performed by today's leading worship bands and singers such as Brandon Lake, Maverick City Music, Phil Wickham, and more.