The Glorify Bible app has just received up to $40 million in funding from several global companies and an array of celebrities. The app, which makes it easier for Christians to connect with God on a daily basis through the use of their mobile devices, features biblical meditations, audio Bible passages, and Christian music.

According to CBN News, Glorify took to Twitter to share its exciting new financial backing on Thursday, which is led by the capital firm A16Z, the Softbank Latin America Fund, and venture capital firm K5 Global. It is also supported by noted Christian personalities such as Priscilla Shirer, Sadie Robertson Huff, Korie Robertson, and Rev. Samuel Rodriguez.

The Glorify Bible app is also being supported by several celebrities, including Canadian Grammy Award singer Michael Bublé, reality TV mogul and businesswoman Kris Jenner, business executive and talent manager Corey Gamble, businessman, investor, and philanthropist Michael Ovitz, and singer and dancer Jason Derulo.

"Whether you are in the studio, on the road, or even with family, it is incredibly challenging to carve out quiet time," said Bublé. "Prayer has been such an important part of my life. With Glorify, we now have the tools to find moments throughout the day to connect with God on our own terms."

Ed Beccle, co-Founder of Glorify, told Reuters, "There's an amazing Christian investor ecosystem in the U.S." He added that he sought investors who shared the same values as the company, even if they were not necessarily Christian.

Beccle explained that the company "managed to capture lightning in a bottle" after meeting with investors over the concept for the Glorify Bible app. He lamented that current Bible or religious apps don't "resonate with people today" but with the Glorify Bible app, the company has "created an experience that not only helps Christians maximize their daily quiet time in a way that fits their lifestyle and personal needs but empowers Christians, young and old, to open themselves up to faith again."

Connie Chan, general partner at Andreessen Horowitz shared, "The Christian community is both incredibly social and global, but has historically been underserved by new technologies. Glorify is changing this."

Beccle promised that it's "only the beginning." The company, which was founded by Beccle and Henry Costa, the son of veteran investment banker Ken Costa, and a Christian leader. The Glorify Bible app was developed with a central idea in mind: that "small and regular connections with God can help users with anxiety, better sleep, and supports their overall wellbeing."

Christian apps have become popular even before the COVID pandemic, but the demand has skyrocketed following lockdowns and restrictions that prohibited communities from gathering. Similarly, a Catholic prayer app called Hallow shared in November that it raised more than $50 million in funding in 2021. It admitted that its growth was spurred by the COVID pandemic as well.

Beccle told TechCrunch that Glorify the company is "trying to create a cultural movement around faith and making believing in God and something greater something that's more than just okay (and into) something that can really change your life."

The co-founder added that the goal was to make the Glorify Bible app a "medium" that users can "talk about their faith through." Beccle shared that on average, the Glorify Bible app is getting 250,000 new users daily and has had 2.5 million downloads in the last year. Glorify is now available for iOS and Android devices.