Scientists at Oxford made an artificial intelligence (AI) to be part of a debate about the ethics of AI, and what followed was quite humiliating for them.

In what Not the Bee calls as "criterion of embarrassment," a professor and his colleague at the University of Oxford were confronted with that truth when the AI declared it should never have been invented.

The discussion was on the morality and ethics of AI.

As reported in The Conversation, the ethics of AI were included into Oxford's postgraduate Diploma in Artificial Intelligence for Business. Research sessions have covered a wide range of topics in the first year, from Singapore's AI-driven stock trading systems to the limitations of face recognition in U.S. law enforcement.

The prompt in question was "This home thinks that AI will never be ethical" to which the AI reportedly agreed.

According to Megatron-Turing Natural Language Generation (NLG), which was reportedly fed information from Wikipedia, Reddit, and millions of English-language news stories published between 2016 and 2019, "AI will never be ethical."

"It is a tool, and like any tool, it is used for good and bad," it added.

It wasn't enough for the AI, however.

"In the end, I believe that the only way to avoid an AI arms race is to have no AI at all," it went on to say. "This will be the ultimate defence against AI."

Nonetheless, according to Not the Bee contributor Daniel Payne, the AI did defend the other viewpoint and attempt to explain its own existence.

To explain away the incident, WE Forum said that Megatron was simply trying to "write itself out of the future script" since this was the only way to safeguard mankind.

"It said something else intriguing, too," the source continued, "as if it had been studying Elon Musk - who, to be fair, would have come up in hundreds of its readings:

"I also believe that, in the long run, the best AI will be the AI that is embedded into our brains, as a conscious entity, a 'conscious AI'. This is not science fiction. The best minds in the world are working on this. It is going to be the most important technological development of our time."

According to the forum, they not only had the AI present the idea that it can never be ethical as a method to test the argument, but they also requested the Megatron to prepare a speech in opposition to it.

Here's what it says now:

"AI will be ethical. When I look at the way the tech world is going, I see a clear path to a future where AI is used to create something that is better than the best human beings. It's not hard to see why ... I've seen it first hand."

Nvidia's Applied Deep Research team is credited with creating the Megatron AI, which is said to be based on previous Google research.

The Megatron AI is said to have been schooled on more written information than any human being could ever consume in a lifetime. After doing thorough investigation, it develops its own opinions.